40 Best Valentine's Day Dessert Recipes (2024)


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Valentine's Day is all about the rich and decadent desserts, am I right? We have rounded up our 40 best and most popular Valentine's Day dessert recipes from romantic chocolatey and fudgy treats, to heart-shaped cookies perfect for a Valentine's themed holiday cookie box, to festive cakes made for indulging, to indulgent date night dessert ideas. So if you are wondering what to make for yourself and your loved ones this Valentine's, then you have come to the right place.

40 Best Valentine's Day Dessert Recipes (1)

Best Valentine's Day Desserts

Valentine's Day Heart Sugar Cookies

Valentine's Day heart sugar cookies are crisp on the outside, soft inside, and made festive with red and pink royal icing decorated on top.

Red Velvet Cupcakes

These Red Velvet Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting are delicious, moist, rich, and perfectly sweet. Top these Valentine’s cupcakes with festive sprinkles.

Raspberry and White Chocolate Shortbread Cookies

Cute raspberry and white chocolate heart-shaped shortbread cookies literally melt in your mouth. They are the perfect Valentine's Day treat or for Date Night.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries are fancy, decadent, bite-sized treats that are loved by all. They are so simple and easy to make at home. One of my favorite date night dessert ideas.

Red Velvet Macarons

These homemade Red Velvet Macarons with cream cheese frosting are like the beloved cake but in bite-sized form — bold red color and a hint of cocoa flavor.

Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes

Molten chocolate lava cakes are rich and fudgy with a classic gooey chocolate center that flows out like lava. So simple and easy to make. Perfect for Valentine's Day or a date night dessert.

Chocolate-Dipped Shortbread Heart Cookies

Shortbread and chocolate are a match made in heaven. Cut our these cookies into any shape that you like and dip in chocolate.

Red Velvet Cookies

Red Velvet Cookies with white chocolate are moist and chewy, deliciously chocolatey with a cake-like texture, and are striking red. Ready in 20 minutes!

Strawberry Shortcake

Classic Strawberry Shortcake is a small, layered cake featuring fluffy crumbly biscuits, a fresh strawberry filling, and homemade whipped cream.

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffles

Dark chocolate raspberry truffles are so much easier to make than you think. It's as simple as combining quality chocolate, cream, raspberry jam, and cocoa.

Nutella Crepes

Nutella crepes with berries are sweet and indulgent. These French pancakes are an easy to make blender recipe that will have you craving breakfast all day.

Persian Love Cake

Persian Love Cake is a rich, moist, and nutty almond cake loaded with floral and citrus flavors, topped with a lemon glaze, pistachios, and rose petals.

Lofthouse Cookies

Lofthouse Cookies are super soft, moist, and thick, classic grocery store cookies made of a cakey sugar cookie, sweet buttercream frosting, and sprinkles.

Nutella Mousse Cups

Nutella mousse cups are rich, creamy, airy, and delicious. No bake and whipped together in just minutes with a few ingredients before it's ready to chill.

Oreo Brownies

Oreo Brownies are a fudgy, rich and decadent dessert that is quick and easy to make from scratch in about 30 minutes using simple ingredients.

Vanilla Cupcakes with Rose Petal Buttercream

Light, airy and fluffy vanilla cupcakes with rose petal buttercream icing is the cutest treat for Valentine's Day. They are super quick and easy to make.

French Macarons with Vanilla Buttercream Filling

Easy French macarons with vanilla buttercream filling are sweet, light, airy, and delicate cookies that melt in your mouth. Beginners can make them too!

Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies

Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies are a soft, tender, and chewy Christmas cookie that is easy to make with no chilling required. The perfect holiday cookie!

Classic New York Cheesecake

Classic New York Cheesecake is stunning, delicious,rich, and creamy. Plus, it's surprisingly easy to make from scratch — even for beginners!

Fudgy Brownies

Fudgy brownies are rich, sweet, moist, and decadent. Plus, they're easy to make in one bowl (meaning less cleanup!) and ready in about 30 minutes.


Classic Madeleines are soft spongy mini cakes with a signature shell shape and dusting of sugar on top. Making French butter cakes is easier than you think!

Vanilla Cake Pops

The cutest bite-sized treat to serve at any event are vanilla cake popsfrom scratch -- luckily, they are actually simple and easy to make. Add pink or red food colouring to the chocolate coating, or use red and pink sprinkles to make them festive for Valentine's Day.

Double Chocolate Loaf Cake

This fudgy double chocolate loaf cake is delicious, moist, and rich. It's easy to make with a quick one-bowl batter that's ready for the oven in 10 minutes.

Strawberry Muffins

Strawberry Muffins are tender, fluffy, and delicious! They are golden-brown and crisp outside while moist and cake-like inside and loaded with strawberries.

Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies are rich and chewy chocolate cookies with a smooth and velvety chocolate ganache filling topped with crunchy pistachios.

Baked Jelly Donuts with Strawberry Jam

These melt-in-your-mouth, homemade baked jelly donuts, coated in sugar and filled with sweet strawberry jam, are so soft, fluffy, spongy and airy.

Chocolate and Vanilla Marble Cake

Chocolate and vanilla marble cake is delicious, moist, fluffy with the perfect golden brown crust. With two classic cake flavors, this loaf cake has it all.

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies are soft and chewy, easy to make, and so satisfying. Enjoy these cookies in under 20 minutes with no chilling required!

Caramel Pecan Cheesecake Bars

Decadent caramel pecan cheesecake bars with a graham cracker crust, cheesecake filling, and caramel pecan topping is perfect for any special occasion.

Festive red and green M&M cookies are super soft and chewy with the crispiest edges. Quick and easy to make in under 20 minutes with no chill time. Switch up the M&M's with red and pink for Valentine's Day.

Salted Caramel Sauce

Homemade salted caramel sauce is sweet, salty, and buttery. It's so simple and easy to make at home in just 10 minutes with 4 basic ingredients.

40 Best Valentine's Day Dessert Recipes (32)

Flourless Banana Brownies

Flourless banana brownies are rich, fudgy, moist, delicious, and gluten-free. Make this quick and easy dessert is ready in just 30 minutes.

Easy Small Batch Almond Biscotti

Small batch almond biscotti are crunchy, crumbly and packed with almonds, perfect for dunking into tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, and they are super easy to make.

Lemon Drop Cookies

Italian Lemon Drop Cookies (Anginetti) are light, cake-like, classic Italian cookies with citrus flavor throughout. Quick and easy to make in 30 minutes.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Homemade chocolate chip cookies are soft and chewy, have perfectly crisp edges, and are loaded with chocolate chips. This classic cookie is quick and easy.

Caramel Cheesecake Brownies

Caramel cheesecake brownies are totally indulgent and worth the effort, so toss that prepared brownie mix away and bake this with a few easy ingredients.

Glazed Brown Sugar Bundt Cake

No one will be able to resist this perfectly sweet and moist, glazed brown sugar bundt cake. Made with Greek yogurt for major decadence and richness.

Chocolate Chunk Peanut Butter Cookies

These perfectly soft, chewy and a little crumby chocolate chunk peanut butter cookies literally melts in your mouth. Make them in under 20 minutes.

Burnt Basque Cheesecake

Easy no crust burnt Basque cheesecake is the easiest one bowl recipe. It is perfectly caramelized on the top and edges and creamy yet firm on the inside.

Lemon Loaf with Lemon Glaze

Inspired by Starbucks lemon loaf, this moist, homemade lemon loaf with lemon glaze has the perfect balance between sweet and tangy, and so so flavourful.

Soft and Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies

The best classic soft and chewy peanut butter cookies are puffy and thick, stay soft for days, and melt in your mouth. Make them in under 20 minutes.

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Fluffy soft and moist, these are the best banana chocolate chip muffins ever. Prep this easy one bowl recipe in less than 10 minutes with a few ingredients.

Whipped Shortbread Cookies

Whipped Shortbread Cookies are sweet and buttery cookies that melt in your mouth. These light tea time treats have crisp edges and a crumbly center.

Chocolate Cake Pops

Easy to make and decorate, bite-sized chocolate cake pops are packed with chocolate and sprinkles are the perfect treat. Use red, pink and white sprinkles to make it festive for Valentine's Day.

Butter Cookies

Butter cookies are a classic cookie with a crisp, slightly crunchy texture that melts in your mouth on the first bite — and every bite after!

M&M cookie bars are soft and chewy, have crisp edges with a gooey center, and are loaded with M&M's and chocolate chips. The easiest way to bake cookies!

Peanut Butter Thumbprint Cookies with Maple Cinnamon Glaze

Melt-in-your-mouth peanut butter thumbprint cookies with raspberry jam and a drizzle of maple cinnamon glaze are the best holiday cookies and easy to make.

No Churn Vanilla Ice Cream

Smooth and creamy no churn vanilla ice cream with strawberry jam and toasted peanuts is easy to make, no ice cream maker required and better than storebought.

Easy Homemade Apple Hand Pies

Easy homemade apple hand pies/turnovers are the perfect treat -- stuffed with tender apples and cinnamon and wrapped in crispy, flakey, buttery crust.

The Best Chewy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Grab a tall glass of milk and start dipping the best homemade, soft-centered, chewy chocolate chip oatmeal cookies you will ever try.

Caramel Brownies

Caramel brownies are rich, moist, and decadent. Baked from the thickest and indulgent chocolate batter and topped with a homemade creamy caramel sauce.

Slice and Bake Pecan Shortbread Cookies

Easy slice and bake pecan shortbread cookies are sweet, nutty and buttery shortbread cookies packed with finely chopped pecans that melt in your mouth.

Sourdough Cinnamon Roll Twist Bread

Soft and fluffy sourdough cinnamon roll twist bread is buttery and layered with cinnamon sugar. Prep it the night before and freshly bake it right before serving for that fresh out of the oven experience.

Healthy Banana Bread

Healthy banana bread is delicious and moist and contains no refined sugar or butter. Quick and easy to make with 10 minutes prep and few pantry staples.

Cut Out Shortbread Cookies

Cut out shortbread cookies are soft, buttery, and melt in your mouth. Made with a simple 5-ingredient cookie dough and decorated with optional royal icing.

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Cookies

Brown butter oatmeal chocolate chip banana bread cookie bites are thick, fluffy, pillowy, cake-like little bites of banana bread heaven.

Pecan Toffee Bars

These pecan toffee bars combine the flavours of shortbread topped with crunchy nuts to create magic. Prepped in under 10 minutes with only 6 ingredients.

Jam-Filled Thumbprint Cookies with Almond Glaze

Soft, buttery, melt-in-your mouth jam-filled thumbprint cookies with almond glaze are the cutest, festive treat to make.

Linzer Cookies

Sweet buttery linzer cookies are a classic cookie with flaky shortbread and fruit jam. The perfect festive holiday treat that melts in your mouth.

Shortbread Cookie Bites

Funfetti shortbread cookie bites are little bites of buttery melt-in-your-mouth shortbread packed with festive sprinkles for a fun holiday treat.

How to Make Ahead and Store Valentine's Day Dessert

You can make or prepare most of these Valentine's Day dessert recipes ahead of time. You can store the cookies at room temperature for a few days and the cakes for about 1-2 days (depending on the recipe). You can also store them in the refrigerator for up to one week or in the freezer for up to 3 months. Confirm storing instructions by checking each recipe.

To reheat any of these desserts and serve them warm as if they just came out of the oven, you can warm them up in a 300F preheated oven for about 5-15 minutes. I would check on it every 5 minutes until warmed through. If heating from frozen, let it thaw first and then reheat.

Did You Make Any of These Valentine's Day Dessert Recipes?

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40 Best Valentine's Day Dessert Recipes (62)

40 Best Valentine's Day Dessert Recipes

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The 40 best and most popular Valentine's Day dessert recipes from romantic chocolatey fudgy treats to heart-shaped cookies to festive cakes.


Check each recipe for full ingredient list required. Depending on the recipe that you choose to make, you may need some of the following ingredients:

  • all-purpose flour
  • butter
  • eggs
  • salt
  • sugar
  • milk
  • fruit


  1. Make ahead and store. You can make or prepare all of these Valentine's Day dessert recipes ahead of time. You can store most of them at room temperature for a few days, in the refrigerator for up to one week, and in the freezer for up to 3 months. Check each recipe for exact storage details.
  2. Reheat: If you would like to reheat any of these desserts and serve them warm, just place the in a 300F preheated oven for 5-10 minutes. If heating from frozen, let it thaw first and then reheat.
  • Prep Time: 20 minutes
  • Cook Time: 30 minutes
  • Category: Dessert
  • Method: Bake
  • Cuisine: American


  • Calories: 400

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40 Best Valentine's Day Dessert Recipes (63)


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This article is a compilation of 40 Valentine's Day dessert recipes. It includes a variety of sweet treats, such as cookies, cakes, cupcakes, brownies, and more. The recipes range from classic favorites like chocolate chip cookies and brownies to more festive options like heart-shaped sugar cookies and red velvet cupcakes.

Some of the highlighted recipes in the article include:

  1. Valentine's Day Heart Sugar Cookies: These cookies are crisp on the outside, soft inside, and decorated with red and pink royal icing.
  2. Red Velvet Cupcakes: Moist and rich cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, perfect for Valentine's Day.
  3. Raspberry and White Chocolate Shortbread Cookies: Heart-shaped shortbread cookies with a raspberry and white chocolate flavor.
  4. Chocolate Covered Strawberries: Bite-sized treats that are fancy, decadent, and loved by many.
  5. Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes: Rich and fudgy cakes with a gooey chocolate center.
  6. Nutella Crepes: Sweet and indulgent French pancakes filled with Nutella and berries.
  7. Persian Love Cake: A rich almond cake with floral and citrus flavors, topped with a lemon glaze, pistachios, and rose petals.
  8. Classic New York Cheesecake: A stunning and creamy cheesecake that is surprisingly easy to make from scratch.
  9. Fudgy Brownies: Rich and decadent brownies that are easy to make in one bowl.
  10. Vanilla Cake Pops: Bite-sized treats made from vanilla cake, perfect for any event.

These are just a few examples of the delicious desserts mentioned in the article. Each recipe has its own set of ingredients and instructions, so you can choose the ones that appeal to you and follow the provided recipes for more details.

Remember, it's always a good idea to check the specific recipe for any dietary restrictions or preferences, as well as storage and reheating instructions.

I hope this information helps you explore some delightful Valentine's Day dessert options! Let me know if there's anything else I can assist you with.

40 Best Valentine's Day Dessert Recipes (2024)
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