Every leaked collab coming to Fortnite Chapter 5, season 3 (2024)

The sandstorm has arrived in Fortnite, and with it comes dozens of new content updates for Chapter Five, season three. This includes a number of new and returning collaborations with other brands and games—though not all of them have been pushed live yet.

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With Fortnite Chapter Five, season three live, you can get out of the sun and take a breather from running through the wasteland to check out all of the teasers and leaks that Epic Games has yet to confirm for the game. This includes new skins, items, and even fresh collabs with the likes of Monster Jam and one of 2023’s biggest indie hits. With this season set to run through Aug. 16, here is a tidy roundup of every confirmed and rumored collab in Fortnite Chapter Five, season three.

Fallout x Fortnite collab

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While a crossover with Fallout was one of the earliest suspicions for this Fortnite season, Epic Games was quick to confirm the collab.

Following the massive success of the Fallout TV show on Amazon Prime, Fortnite players can now access items and skins from the game in Chapter Five, season three. This includes the T-60 Power Armor, which is part of the season’s first battle pass, and usable items like Nuka-Cola.

As the season goes on, there is also a chance more Fallout items or cosmetics that fans would love to see are added to Fortnite, though none have been leaked yet.

Marvel x Fortnite collab

With a Magneto set of cosmetics is part of the season’s launch promotion, other Marvel items and skins are likely going to appear throughout Chapter Five, season three.

There hasn’t been much shown for the current season, but one leak from the Chapter Five, season three launch day did show that season four could feature more Marvel additions, such as V2 versions of Wolverine’s Claws, which would lean toward X-Men being a bigger inclusion following the existing Magneto addition.s

Fall Guys x Fortnite collab

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The Fall Guys x Fortnite collab isn’t exclusive to the battle royale mode—it should add a new mode that will let you create your own Fall Guys experience inside Fortnite.

While this update was scheduled for May 2024, Fortnite is now saying it’ll be ready in Summer 2024, and a specific date is yet to be announced. We likely can expect a mini-season pass and fun quests that will involve parkour and falling to your death.

Monster Jam x Fortnite collab

I’m sure the entire Fortnite fanbase would riot if Monster Trucks were only coming to Fortnite‘s Rocket League mode. No need to worry, the Monster Jam x Fortnite collaboration has been officially confirmed and will also bring the oversized rides to battle royale and zero build modes.

Fortnite was a huge sponsor during this year’s Monster Jam World Finals XXIII, where the Battle Bus ultimately got flattened, which made this fairly likely ahead of its confirmation.

I can’t think of a better band to play the soundtrack of the apocalypse than Metallica, and I’m glad Epic Games agrees. A Metallica collab has been confirmed, allegedly coming to Fortnite Festival during Chapter Five, season three with songs and skins.

KAROL G x Fortnite collab

The Fortnite Festival season wouldn’t be complete without a female popstar to headline the experience. Just like Lady Gaga and Billie Eilish before her, it looks like Karol G is coming to Fortnite in Chapter Five, season three with a handful of content. My condolences to whoever is in charge of making her songs PG-13 friendly.

Ariana Grande is also potentially making a return with a fresh look.

Pirates of the Caribbean x Fortnite collab

Multiple lines of data in Fortnite point to a Pirates of the Caribbean collab dropping during this season, featuring returning pirate-themed items like the Flintlock and Pirate Cannon along with new Treasure Maps that will lead you too various goodies.

The, hopeful, inclusion of some fun quests and skins featuring Captain Jack Sparrow and other Pirates characters is also something to look forward to.

Dragon Ball x Fortnite collab

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A new Dragon Ball collab has been found in Fortnite’s data, with a timeframe listed around July 10 and featuring several returning skins potentially returning. This could also add Trunks to the game or other additional items.

Jujutsu Kaisen x Fortnite collab

Another Jujutsu Kaisen x Fortnite collab has been teased for what seems like ages, but there are rumors of characters like Panda, Yuta, and Maki being added in a drop this season.

Lethal Company x Fortnite collab

A skin, items, and a set of emotes based on the indie sensation Lethal Company have been pulled from Fortnite’s Chapter Five, season three files now that they are live. No date or other details were included but you should be able to do a jig and hit people with a stop sign at some point soon.

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Every leaked collab coming to Fortnite Chapter 5, season 3 (2024)
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