How much are Super Bowl tickets 2024? Here are the cheapest & most expensive seats for Las Vegas | Sporting News (2024)

For the second time in four years, the Chiefs and 49ers will face off in the Super Bowl. The Chiefs are searching for a second straight Super Bowl victory — and third in five seasons — while the 49ers are hoping to avenge their loss in Super Bowl LIV.

The Super Bowl is the most-watched sporting event in the United States. For a select few, that means watching it in the stadium as opposed to a television set.

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It's not for everyone, however. The tickets, which used to cost at an inflation-adjusted rate over only a hundred dollars by today's market, now will set fans back several thousand dollars just to sit in the nosebleeds. They're more expensive for anyone that wants to sit in actual viewing range of the game.

There is still plenty of time for the ticket prices to change. And with two of the NFL's most popular fanbases, tickets are likely to soar beyond current prices. Add in the fact it is in Las Vegas with one of the smallest stadiums in the league's history with only 65,000 seats, and tickets could keep climbing for the Super Bowl.

Sporting News has everything you need to know about ticket prices for the 2024 Super Bowl, including cheapest and most expensive options, as well as historical ticket prices for the game.

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How much are Super Bowl tickets in 2024?

The price of tickets has quite a range. But as things stand, the average cost per ticket sold is $8,400, according to StubHub. The range, as shown on StubHub, is anywhere from around $6,875 to as high as $22,907.

Per data from StubHub, California buyers have taken up 38 percent of all tickets sold as of Feb. 10. From Feb. 8-10, nearly 30 percent of all tickets sold on StubHub have gone off the market in that 72-hour window.

“Today’s game is on its way to being the second best-selling Super Bowl ever on StubHub,” Adam Budelli, spokesperson for StubHub, said in a release. “Sales for the matchup are neck and neck with the 2019 Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta where the Patriots defeated the Rams and we still have several hours until kick-off at Allegiant Stadium.”

Here's a look at the lowest and highest ticket prices via StubHub, as of Sunday, Feb. 11.

Most expensive Super Bowl 58 tickets

The most expensive seats currently listed on StubHub cost $22,907. A zone club sideline seat, the seats are in Section C110.

Next up, there are other tickets in the $20,000s, showing that as it gets later into the buying process, demand remains high for all these tickets.

Cheapest Super Bowl 58 tickets

Fans can get endzone, upper-deck seats in Section 412, Row 9 for $6,559, which is currently the cheapest Super Bowl ticket on the market.

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How much did Super Bowl tickets cost in 2023?

Tickets would cost as little as $3,480, the cheapest tickets since the 2019 Super Bowl. The highest "low point" the tickets reached came in 2022, when it would cost $5,823 to get in the door, per multiple reports.

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Super Bowl ticket price history

The cost of a Super Bowl ticket used to be $12. Even for inflation, it cost only $112. But since 2009, the price of tickets exceeded $1,000. And prices have rapidly climbed to over $3,000 consistently.

Here is a look back at Super Bowl ticket prices from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune in 2018, updated with prices tracked in recent years.

Prices rounded to nearest dollar; adjustments for inflation reflect 2024 calendar year.

YearSuper BowlTicket CostAdjusted for inflationMatchup
19671$12$112Packers vs. Chiefs
19682$12$108Packers vs. Raiders
19693$12$103Jets vs. Colts
19704$15$122Chiefs vs. Vikings
19715$15$115Colts vs. Cowboys
19726$15$112Cowboys vs. Dolphins
19737$15$108Dolphins vs. Redskins
19748$15$99Dolphins vs. Vikings
19759$20$118Steelers vs. Vikings
197610$20$110Steelers vs. Cowboys
197711$20$105Raiders vs. Vikings
197812$30$147Cowboys vs. Broncos
197913$30$135Steelers vs. Cowboys
198014$30$118Steelers vs. Rams
198115$40$141Raiders vs. Eagles
198216$40$13049ers vs. Bengals
198317$40$125Redskins vs. Dolphins
198418$60$181Raiders vs. Redskins
198519$60$17449ers vs. Dolphins
198620$75$210Bears vs. Patriots
198721$75$207Giants vs. Broncos
198822$100$265Redskins vs. Broncos
198923$100$25349ers vs. Bengals
199024$125$30149ers vs. Broncos
199125$150$342Giants vs. Bills
199226$150$333Redskins vs. Bills
199327$175$376Cowboys vs. Bills
199428$175$367Cowboys vs. Bills
199529$200$40849ers vs. Chargers
199630$350$695Cowboys vs. Steelers
199731$275$530Packers vs. Patriots
199832$275$522Broncos vs. Packers
199933$325$607Broncos vs. Falcons
200034$325$591Rams vs. Titans
200135$325$569Ravens vs. Giants
200236$400$693Patriots vs. Rams
200337$500$844Buccaneers vs. Raiders
200438$600$994Patriots vs. Panthers
200539$600$965Patriots vs. Eagles
200640$700$1,083Steelers vs. Seahawks
200741$700$1,061Colts vs. Bears
200842$900$1,308Giants vs. Patriots
200943$1,000$1,453Steelers vs. Cardinals
201044$1,000$1,416Saints vs. Colts
201145$1,200$1,671Packers vs. Steelers
201246$1,200$1,624Giants vs. Patriots
201347$1,250$1,665Ravens vs. 49ers
201448$1,500$1,967Seahawks vs. Broncos
201549$2,111$2,771Patriots vs. Seahawks
201650$2,500$3,237Broncos vs. Panthers
201751$2,500$3,158Patriots vs. Falcons
201852$2,500$3,094Eagles vs. Patriots
201953$2,557$3,116Patriots vs. Rams
202054$3,488$4,147Chiefs vs. 49ers
202155$4,000$4,691Chiefs vs. Buccaneers
202256$5,823$6,353Bengals vs. Rams
202357$3,480$3,568Chiefs vs. Eagles
202458$6,559--Chiefs vs. 49ers

* - Cheapest ticket price currently listed on StubHub

How much are Super Bowl tickets 2024? Here are the cheapest & most expensive seats for Las Vegas | Sporting News (2024)


How much are Super Bowl tickets 2024? Here are the cheapest & most expensive seats for Las Vegas | Sporting News? ›

How much are Super Bowl tickets in 2024? The price of tickets has quite a range. But as things stand, the average cost per ticket sold is $8,400, according to StubHub. The range, as shown on StubHub, is anywhere from around $6,875 to as high as $22,907.

How much is the cheapest Super Bowl ticket in 2024? ›

The service put the lowest-priced tickets at $8,333 on Sunday. How much is a suite for the 2024 Super Bowl? reports that a 20-person suite at this year's game would have run you a cool $1.8 million, including the cost of tickets as well as food and alcoholic beverages.

How do i buy Super Bowl 2024 tickets? ›

Tickets for the 2024 Super Bowl are typically sold directly by the NFL, unlike regular season seats, which are sold through their official retail partner, Ticketmaster. If you missed out on these tickets, fear not, it's not too late to grab a golden ticket for this weekend.

How much is a suite at the Super Bowl 2024? ›

According to TickPick, a ticketing resale marketplace, the price of a suite at this year's Super Bowl can cost anywhere from $800,000 to more than $2m, depending on the type of suite. There are 128 executive suites on three different levels in the stadium, plus 44 Loge Boxes.

How many seats are at the Super Bowl 2024? ›

This marks the first time Las Vegas and the state of Nevada will host the Super Bowl. The stadium opened in 2020 and can seat 65,000 fans at full capacity. The game will be a rematch of Super Bowl 54, played between the 49ers and defending champion Chiefs, who won Super Bowl 57 last season.

How much is a hot dog at the Super Bowl 2024? ›

At the past two Super Bowls, hot dogs ran from $8 to $12, but after a year where every figure involving cost hit all-time highs, the 2024 game day event is more than likely to top those numbers. is projecting Super Bowl LVIII hot dog prices to be somewhere in the realm of $12.75.

How much are the hotel rooms for the Super Bowl 2024? ›

Hotel guests in Las Vegas during Super Bowl 2024 paid the highest room rates in continental U.S. history, according to an analysis by CoStar's STR. The average daily rate on Saturday and Sunday during Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas was $758 and $808, respectively.

How far in advance can you buy Super Bowl tickets? ›

"We always recommend: do not go out and rush to purchase tickets right after your team clinches their (Super Bowl) berth in their conference championship game," StubHub spokesperson Adam Budelli told NBC. "The market typically will set, in terms of a maximum inventory, about a week before the game."

Who is singing at the Super Bowl 2024? ›

Andre Day will perform "Lift Every Voice and Sing," while Post Malone will sing "America the Beautiful." Day and Post follow last year's performers, Sheryl Lee Ralph and Babyface, respectively. Kaskade will also perform during warm-ups and serve as the in-game Super Bowl DJ.

How much are face value tickets for the Super Bowl? ›

Face-value tickets usually cost anywhere from $950 for a "nosebleed" seat to $9,500 to be just behind the teams, overlooking the 50-yard line. That's a fraction of what Super Bowl tickets were selling for online.

How much does a VIP box cost at the Super Bowl? ›

So, let's analyze the cost and benefits of Super Bowl LVIII's luxury suites so that you can determine whether the VIP treatment is worth the investment. Luxury suites for the Super Bowl can be expensive, ranging from $180,000 for four tickets to $1.8 million for 20 tickets.

How much is a private room at the Super Bowl? ›

How much does a luxury suite cost? The average cost of a Super Bowl ticket in the stands is $9,850, so you know a suite won't come cheap. Hospitality provider Suite Experience Group offer a range of suites which start at $180,000 for four tickets and go up to $1.8million for 20 tickets.

What's included in a Super Bowl suite? ›

Luxury Suites for the Super Bowl will mostly accommodate 15-45 guests. There are two suite levels to see the Super Bowl from, the 300 and 400 Suite Levels. Suites will offer premium seating on the balcony, all-inclusive food and beverages and a spacious interior for entertaining.

What was the cheapest Super Bowl ticket in 2024? ›

To access our site, disable your adblocker. The cheapest face-value tickets for this year's Super Bowl sold directly by the NFL were about $2,000. And that price was after fans, including season ticket holders, win the chance to fork over several grand to buy them via a lottery system.

How do you get tickets for Super Bowl 2024? ›

What tickets are available for the 2024 Super Bowl? There are two main types of Super Bowl tickets that will be available for purchase on Ticketmaster: Verified Resale tickets from Ticketmaster, the Official Ticket Marketplace of the NFL. VIP packages from On Location Experiences.

What uniforms are they wearing in the Super Bowl 2024? ›

This year, the Chiefs are the home team and decided to create a uniform rematch of Super Bowl LIV. Kansas City will wear its red home jerseys, while the San Francisco 49ers will wear white. For the most part, NFL teams wear a darker jersey at home and road teams wear a white one.

How much does a Super Bowl ad cost 2024? ›

Super Bowl LV, 2021 – $5.5 milllion. Super Bowl LVI, 2022 – $6.5 million. Super Bowl LVII, 2023 – $7 million. Super Bowl LVIII, 2024 – $7 million.

How much does a Super Bowl ticket cost in 2025? ›

There are 269 Super Bowl LIX tickets available on TicketSmarter for the upcoming game on February 9th, 2025 at 5:30pm. Fans can score tickets for the game at prices between $5791.50 and $30429.00. Grab your tickets today and cheer on your favorite team at Caesars Superdome, 1500 Sugar Bowl Drive, New Orleans, LA.

How much is the average Super Bowl ticket? ›

Still, ticket pricing in 2022 was lower 12 days before the event, with the average ticket on their platform listed for $10,194. Last year, the average ticket was sold for $8,867, and this year's average price is more than twice what it was for the Super Bowl in Atlanta in 2019.

How much are nosebleed seats at the Super Bowl? ›

Face-value tickets usually cost anywhere from $950 for a "nosebleed" seat to $9,500 to be just behind the teams, overlooking the 50-yard line. That's a fraction of what Super Bowl tickets were selling for online.

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