March 30 Fishing Report: Truckee River flows picking up; Donner Lake boat ramp open (2024)

Jim Krajewski|Reno Gazette Journal

March 30 Fishing Report: Truckee River flows picking up; Donner Lake boat ramp open (1)

March 30 Fishing Report: Truckee River flows picking up; Donner Lake boat ramp open (2)

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Fishing opportunities continue to increase around the region with the warm weather and earlier-than-normal spring runoffhelping open more area lakes and streams.

The Nevada Department of Wildlife is increasingfish stocking around the area, and this should provide good opportunities for anglers to land a fish this season.

In California, the salmon season is expected to open in mid-July on the SacramentoRiver, although fishing for striped bass is already in progress.

Donner Lake is 80 percent full and the boat ramp is open.

Here is this week's fishing report, as compiled from various sources:

LAKE DAVIS: Ice is 95 percent gone. Shore fishing at Mallard Cove is good. You can easily drive as far as the Mosquito Slough access road. At Lightning Tree campground the gate is locked. Lightning Tree boat ramp is high and dry. Mallard Cove has easy access. Coot Bay still has a berm. Information fromJ&J’s Grizzly Store and Camping Resort, 530-832-0270.

FRENCHMAN LAKE: The entire lake is almost open, and fishing around the west cove by the dam is producing fish. PT nymph under indicator is doing well. Mountain Hardware, Truckee, 530-587-4844.

TRUCKEE RIVER:The spring runoff has begun and flows are increasing.Nymphing is proving to be the best bet. Any juju baetis, the sweet pea, zebra midgesor gills skwalla stone nymph are doing well. Some dry fly opportunities are present after 10 a.m. for anglers. Blue Winged Olives and dark stone flies are the food of choice. The trout are still parked in the slower water and tail outs, so fish accordingly. Mountain Hardware, Truckee, 530-587-4844.

PYRAMID LAKE: In another few weeks, as the fish get closer to their annual spawn, we should see the weather become less of a factor on the fishing, but the stormy, overcast days continue to be your best bet. The indicator bite has switched mostly to bugs and having a good array of sizes, shapesand colors of midges will be increasingly important in the spring. Also try other bugs such as Maholo Nymphs, Copper Johns dragonflies and even worms and eggs. Don’t be afraid to mix it up if nothing seems to be working. The streamer bite seems to still be best during low light hours, as the trout are more willing to chase bigger offerings when the sun is off the water. This too will change as we get deeperinto spring; site casting to fish using small, natural streamers can be a fun way to fish for those seemingly tight-lipped fish cruising in the shallows.

Most beaches have been fishing OK, and while it’s impossible to deny that the middle of the lake seems to be fishing the most consistently, big fish can still be found anywhere in this lake, so spread out and try some of the quieter beaches for a more enjoyable day. Beaches like Pelican and the Nets have been shoulder to shoulder. Trout Creek Outfitters,Truckee, 530-563-5119.

LAKE ALMANOR: Fish are scattered, so cover lots of ground to find them. The plants from the Department of Fish and Wildlife are providing quite a bit of action for people trolling the surface at the dam. Afternoon surface temps are approaching the mid-40s. With warming temperatures, it’s just a matter of days before fish move into the shallows and start gorging on larvae. Up in the Hamilton branch there is quite a bit of activity around the fish pens. Rob Ayers,,530-570-9925.

More: Sparks Marina gets first of frequent fish stockings for spring season

SPARKS MARINA: Fishing should be good here, especially at dusk. The lake was stocked with 3,000 rainbow trout on March 11, and will be stocked every few weeks this spring and summer. Try worms and Powerbait from the shore. Some anglers are trolling from kayaks with Rapalas, and spoons and doing OK. As a reminder, anglers do need a fishing license to fish at Sparks Marina, so becourteous to fellow fishermen. NDOW.

DONNER LAKE: The boat ramp is open. With capacity at 80 percent full, anglers can find an OK trolling bite for Mackinaw at 60 feet deep. Mountain Hardware, Truckee, 530-587-4844.

BOCA RESERVOIR: The boat ramp is still closed, but you can launch on the east shore. Anglers trolling for trout should use spoons, worms with a dodger, or Rapalas. Anglers shore fishing can find the best bite off the dam using Powerbait. Currently at 45 percent capacity. Mountain Hardware, Truckee, 530-587-4844.

STAMPEDE RESERVOIR: No access due to snow on the roads. As temperatures warm, expect this to open soon. Currently at 35 percent capacity. Mountain Hardware, Truckee, 530-587-4844.

PROSSER RESERVOIR: No boat accessdue to lingering snow. Limited access by the dam on Prosser Dam Road. Currently at 48 percent capacity. Mountain Hardware, Truckee, 530-587-4844.

HOT CREEK: Fishing is starting to fire up in the afternoons, especially on the surface with building bug activity. The road to the canyon parking lots is completely clear and both sections of the creek are fishing well in the late mornings and early afternoons. Blue Winged Olive, caddis and midge imitations on the surface are catching fish. When fishing nymphs, unweighted midge patterns, scuds and SD crawlers, along with#20 Flashback Pheasant Tails, caddis larva and pupa patterns have been good. Look for open runs and pockets along the weed lines and fish any water that looks deeper than the surrounding river bed, as they tend to hold more fish. Sierra Drifters, 760-935-4250,

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March 30 Fishing Report: Truckee River flows picking up; Donner Lake boat ramp open (2024)
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