Pearl Nails And Spa - Wilmette, IL 60091 - Services and Reviews (2024)

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Pearl Nails And Spa - Wilmette, IL 60091 - Services and Reviews (1)


Sunday10:30 AM–4:30 PM
Monday9:30 AM–7 PM
Tuesday9:30 AM–7 PM
Wednesday9:30 AM–7 PM
Thursday9:30 AM–7 PM
Friday9:30 AM–7 PM
Saturday9:30 AM–6 PM


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Address: 165 Green Bay Rd ste b, Wilmette, IL 60091

Phone: (847) 920-5878


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Wesley Anne Barden

Was recommended to go here by a friend and LOVED my experience. My technician, Mai, did an incredible jobs doing well exactly what I was looking for, super polite, and took her time to do a great job (sometimes I feel like places rush). She was super friendly and the entire salon is clean and beautiful! I will definitely be going back!

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Noelia Valdivias

If your in the National Guard, you guys should definitely get your nails done here . They really take care of your nails and help your nails grow. I love the way my nails come out. The pictures are what I asked for and what I got. Definitely did a great job, Katie

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Carli Snider

I absolutely love Pearl Nails in Wilmette! I always come in with wild ideas and Mai always nails it (see my latest set below!) Everything is clean and well kept. Everyone in there is also super friendly as well. Will forever be my place for my nails!Nail art,Acrylic nails

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Manal JT

Overall it was a mediocre experience. Not the best nail salon and also not the worst. They are pretty clean but my nail tech was a bit rude and did an ok job 7.5/10, i have some polish around the edges and she left one of my fingers covered in coating which was annoying. The gel mani came out to be $46 which was overpriced because they didnt really do anything special with the manicure. Ive paid less and gotten a better hand massage and even back massage during a manicure. At the beginning they just put your hand in plain water overall felt like a cheap experience for the price

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misty pope

Beautiful staff! So kind and attentive to what you want and ask approval throughout the service.Gorgeous work! Thanks again! I have not gotten my nails done in months because of unsatisfactory results from many other salons, but this place restored hope in keeping my nails done! Katie & Lee AMAZING DUO! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!❤Dip powder,Foot massages,Nail extensions,Sculpted nails,Pedicure

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Megan Horanic

I can not say enough how pleased I am & how much I enjoyed my experience here! I had a gel manicure, and my last manicure was so bad I didn’t know if they would be able do anything with my nails. They cleaned up my nails and my polish looks great. I feel confident now by my next manicure I should be back to normal. As for the pedicure, wow! So good! I did the deluxe with paraffin wax, my feet are dry and callused, and they are smooth and feel great. The foot and calf massage was so relaxing. Lee was so friendly and did such a wonderful job, I highly recommend this cute, clean salon.

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Irit Revivo

I love this place. It is big, beautiful and very clean. The staff is kind and professional. I see Phoebe every 3 weeks and she takes great care of my ingrown toe nail. Everyone else is good too. I have recommended Pearl nail and spa to a lot of my friends, family members and patients and they all loved it too! I highly recommend itManicure,Pedicure

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vera c:

I love my nails, it was my first time getting my nails done and this was a great start to it 🙂 very clean and organized, they give you a helpful book with a ton of models of the colors that they have!

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Clean atmosphere, appointments are recommended. Did not like the brand of no-chip available. The brand that would have matching colors for a no-chip and regular nail polish, never matched. Therefore, needed to upgrade my pedicure to a no-chip as well. I was told, are you eyes the same? No! Why would the polish be the same color? I thought it was rude. I asked for 3 coats of a polish because it was sheer, got scolded again. In summary, I had 2 sessions with 2 different people for a no-chip manicure and the upgraded no-chip pedicure. I had a nail get chipped on both occasions. Had to go back for repairs. The owner is very short and annoyed if you need a repair. The customer service is terrible. Plus, the constant use of the drill is not appreciated. The effect of the drill shows on my nails. For the price, I would expect better service and a longer lasting product. On to the next nail place.

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Faith Geake

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PLACE! My friend and I followed our wonderful nail technicians, Cece and Mai, to Pearl Nails and it is so pretty! Everything is extremely clean and there is a relaxing ambiance. The salon is a small, family business and everyone is super friendly! Nail prices are comparable to everywhere else. I get dip powder nails which always looks stunning. I usually get solid colors but they can also do wonderful designs! For the best service, I suggest calling ahead and making an appointment. My friend and I never plan to switch salons as we have fallen in love with the talent and love Pearl Nails has to offer.

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Pearl Nails And Spa - Wilmette, IL 60091 - Services and Reviews (2024)
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