Range of the drone remote control: What does the information in FCC / CE mean? (2024)

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Range of the drone remote control: What does the information in FCC / CE mean? (1)

If you want to buy a drone, especially a camera drone with photo and video recording options, many questions arise when researching the best model. Some of them are already answered here in the blog, especially with regard to the DJI quadrocopter. If you are specifically wondering what the terms FCC, CE and SRRC mean when it comes to drone range, then you have come to the right place on this advisor page. In the following I explain the range standards for drones and what they mean for the DJI Phantom 3 and 4, the DJI Mavic Air and Pro and other models.

By the way: A detailed practical report on the DJI Mavic Air range is already here

Range of the drone remote control: What does the information in FCC / CE mean? (2)

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  • 1 Drone range in FCC / CE: what does that mean?
  • 2 What does this mean for the range of the drone remote control?
  • 3 So how far can you fly?
  • 4 CE transmission powers and ranges of individual DJI drones
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Drone range in FCC / CE: what does that mean?

If you look at the technical data of a drone, like this Datasheet of the DJI Mavic Air, then you will not only find information about size or dimensions, weight, maximum flight speed, video resolution, photo modes, control and the like, but also about the range of the drone remote control. With the DJI drones, this is often specified as the maximum transmission range and then broken down into FCC-compliant, CE-compliant and SRRC-compliant. But what do these abbreviations mean for you as drone pilots? FCC, SRRC and CE mean the following for the range of the drone:

  • FCC: Federal Communications Commission of the USA, an authority responsible for radio services - the information in the drone data sheet relates to US airspace
  • SRRC: State Radio Regulation of China, as a summary of regulations and test standards for the certification of radio products in China
  • CE: Marking for products that go hand in hand with EU regulations, also for radio products such as drones that are equipped for use in the EU or Germany

What does this mean for the range of the drone remote control?

In Germany, certain rules and laws apply to flying a drone. Not only do aircraft need from 250 grams provided with a badge become; From a flight weight of 5 kg, a flight or ascent permit is also required. The regulations also extend - and this brings us to the main point - on the radio performance of the drone or controller / remote control. When the location (Germany / EU) is detected, this is automatically throttled to a maximum of 10 mW via the 2,4 GHz WLAN band and to a maximum of 25 mW via the 5,8 GHz WLAN band. For the drone remote control in the respective DJI data sheet, dBm values ​​are usually also given for the power level; for the CE area these are mostly values ​​between ≤20 and ≤14 dBm.

So how far can you fly?

In Germany, flights with drones, copters and model airplanes are permitted within sight. So the smaller the camera drone (DJI Mavic models are much smaller than the Phantom or Inspire models), the less range you have as a result. According to this calculation in the Kopterforum, which I don't understand 100%, the DJI Mavic Air also has technical ranges of 563 m to 1.415 m. According to the official DJI Mavic Air data sheet, the drone uses 2,4 GHz WiFi up to 2.000 m Transmitter range (without obstacles and interference) possible.

CE transmission power and ranges of individual DJI drones

I once looked through the technical data of individual camera drones from the professional manufacturer from China and wrote out the respective CE values ​​of the remote control for you. In the following table you will find an overview that you can use to orientate yourself when choosing and buying. In addition, I have linked the local posts to the individual camera drones:

DroneCE transmitter performance for 2,4 GHz / 5,8 GHzCE range for 2,4 GHz / 5,8 GHzInformation
DJI Mavic Air18dBm / 14dBm2.000 m / 500 mHere
DJI Mavic Pro Platinum20 dBm / -4.000 m / -Here
DJI Mavic Pro20 dBm / -4.000 m / -Here
DJI Spark18dBm / 14dBm500 m / 300 mHere
DJI Phantom 4 Pro?3.500 m / 2.000 mHere
DJI Phantom 4 Advanced18 dBm / -3.500 m / --
DJI Phantom 3 SE?500 m / 500 m-
DJI Phantom 3 Standard?500 m / 500 mHere
DJI Inspire 217dBm / 14dBm3.500 m / 5.000 mHere

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Range of the drone remote control: What does the information in FCC / CE mean? (11)

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Range of the drone remote control: What does the information in FCC / CE mean? (2024)
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