These Super Bowl Dessert Recipes On TikTok Will Make A Touchdown With Your Crew (2024)

The Big Game

These Super Bowl Dessert Recipes On TikTok Will Make A Touchdown With Your Crew (1)

Super Bowl Dessert Recipes On TikTok To Score Big On Game Day

The Oreo dip is a touchdown.

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The sweetest part about Super Bowl Sunday is undoubtedly the dessert spread. Whether you choose to prepare ice cream cookie bowls or s'mores brownies, there are so many Super Bowl dessert recipes on TikTok that are total touchdowns. In fact, it might be hard to decide what treats you’d like to whip up and serve. Luckily, you can narrow down your options with the yummy Super Bowl dessert recipes featured on this list.

Recreating TikTok dessert recipes is so easy because most of them can be whipped up with ingredients you likely already have in your cupboard. For instance, you can use a cake mix to recreate a TikToker's football cupcakes, and give your sweets a Super Bowl twist. Or, you can follow another Super Bowl dessert recipe that requires cookie dough to make ice cream bowls. When it comes to TikTok, any dessert can be decorated to look like a football, including strawberries dipped in chocolate.

After you create and display your game-winning spread of Super Bowl Sunday desserts, you'll want to capture the sweetness with a snap on the 'Gram. That way, your followers can see how big you scored in the kitchen with Super Bowl dessert ideas. But, the best part is, by making any of these Super Bowl dessert recipes from TikTok, your housemates will declare you the real MVP of game day desserts.

Strawberries will totally sweeten up your evening. Give this treat a Super Bowl spin by coating the berries in chocolate and drawing lines with white icing to resemble football lacing, as demonstrated by Tarte Cosmetics on TikTok. For an added crunch, you can also dip your chocolate covered strawberries in chopped nuts before adding the icing with this Yummly recipe.


These Muddy Buddies Have A Cookies And Cream Twist

You may know this classic treat as moose munch or puppy chow. Now, you can give your muddy buddies a cookies and cream upgrade. Simply coat your Chex Mix with melted white chocolate, like TikToker @sammypur does. Then, place the mix into a plastic bag with your Oreo crumbs and powdered sugar. Shake and serve.

Of course, for an OG recipe, you can always follow this brownie batter puppy chow recipe from Yummly as well. Throw in some pretzels and you have a great snack the whole party can enjoy.


These Ice Cream Cookie Bowls

This Super Bowl dessert TikTok from TikToker @foodforthought1 calls for store-bought cookie dough. Form the dough around the back of a muffin tin to create individual bowls. Once the cookie bowls are baked and cooled, they are ready to be stuffed with ice cream and toppings.


This Crockpot Cobbler

You and your Crockpot will be the dream team with this Super Bowl cobbler recipe. According to TikToker @melissajorealrecipes, you just need to add your ingredients to your pot about two hours before you’re ready to serve. Start it as the game begins and you’ll have a delicious Super Bowl dessert to enjoy around halftime with ice cream or whipped cream on top.


These Chocolate Football Pretzels

Sometimes, you're in the mood for a snack that's both sweet and salty. These chocolate pretzels that are shaped like footballs will cater to your sweet tooth and win over your housemates. For this Super Bowl recipe from TikToker @the.brickery, you'll need pretzels with peanut butter filling, chocolate, and white icing.


These Football Cupcakes

This TikTok football cupcake recipe will come in clutch on game day. TikToker @lifeasjessicamarie bakes chocolate cupcakes, then tops each off with chocolate frosting. The finishing touch is to draw football laces with white icing. If you have some green icing and sprinkles, you can also try this football field design from Yummly on top of your Super Bowl cupcakes. Another option is to add game day snacks like peanuts and popcorn on top, which is less about the design and more about the sweet and salty taste.


This Oreo Dip

While you usually have a spread of savory dips for Super Bowl Sunday — like spinach and artichoke dip, guacamole, and nacho cheese — include a sweet dip as well this year. This Oreo dip from TikToker @everythingabbs will make you the MVP of all your friends, and it’s super easy to make. Once all blended together, you can dip things in like strawberries, graham crackers, or even more Oreos.

Another Super Bowl dessert dip is this brownie batter recipe from Yummly that you can even form into a football shape. It’ll not only be delicious but Insta-worthy too.


These S'mores Brownies

For the ultimate sweet Super Bowl treat, why not combine s'mores and brownies? TikToker @munchiesbymallory blends the two to create a dessert that's gooey AF. To make this recipe, you'll need graham crackers, sugar, butter, brownie mix, and marshmallows. To fit the football shape theme, you could even bake a batch of these deep fried brownies from Yummly that look like mini footballs. You’ll definitely get brownie points for creativity.


These Churro Bites With Dulce De Leche

Super Bowl snacks are best when they’re bite-sized and dippable. A dessert idea that checks off both those qualities are these churro bites from TikToker @conniesweets. Not only do you get the recipe for how to make churros that rival the ones you can get at Disneyland, but @conniesweets also shares a recipe for how to make dulce de leche for dipping your churros into.

For some variety, you could also make these pretzel churros from Yummly. They’re like the perfect combination of churros and soft pretzels. With the dulce de leche, these will churr you up when your team is losing.


These Funfetti Rice Krispy Treats

Add some color to your Super Bowl dessert spread by making these funfetti rice krispy treats. Combine funfetti cake mix with your typical rice krispies ingredients — marshmallows, butter, and Rice Krispies cereal — and voila. This is such a simple recipe from TikToker @marinlowder, but if you don’t have cake mix at home, Yummly has this even easier funfetti rice krispy treats recipe that only requires adding in sprinkles to give it that confetti look. Use game day cookie cutters ($12, Amazon) to mold your treats into on-theme shapes as well.

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These Super Bowl Dessert Recipes On TikTok Will Make A Touchdown With Your Crew (2024)
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