Top 10 Traditional Food in the UK (2024)

When living in the UK, it’s essential to understand and fit in with the local culture. One of the fastest ways for the average person to fit in is to learn about the local cuisine. Although the food in the UK is not worth mentioning compared to the food in China, there are still all kinds of restaurants in big cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, etc. So, what is their favourite food according to the British people’s tastes? According to the taste of British people, what is their favourite food, know a fish&chips can not! Below, I will give you a list of the Top 10 traditional foods in the UK

Fish and Chips

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First place naturally goes to Britain’s ‘national dish’ Fish and chips! People in the UK have been eating fish and chips since the 19th century. This favourite British street food is traditionally served wrapped in white paper or newspaper, and most people like to eat it with their fingers. There are two main types of fish and chips: Cod Fish and Dock Fish, which taste the same, except for the fish species. The more traditional British way of eating it is with vinegar so that you can try it with a different flavour!

Sunday Roast

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Sunday Roast, literally translated, is Sunday Roast. It originated from the fact that the British used to go to church on Sundays and roast the meat in the oven before they went to church so that they could eat it hot and flavourful when they got home. Roasts come in several varieties, usually beef, chicken, lamb or pork, and are served with a selection of vegetables – perhaps roast potatoes, carrots, peas, cabbage and Brussels sprouts. Roast beef is traditionally served with a spicy horseradish sauce and English mustard; roast pork is served with apple sauce; and roast lamb is always served with mint sauce or redcurrant jelly. The dish is still served every Sunday in most UK pubs and restaurants, and a typical traditional Sunday Roast consists of Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pudding, potatoes, vegetables and gravy.

Full English Breakfast

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The Full English Breakfast is one of the most internationally recognised British foods, with origins dating back to the Anglo-Saxon times of the 13th century, when families would serve a hearty breakfast to visiting friends and family. It is still a popular menu item in British pubs and cafes. An English breakfast consists of fried or grilled bacon, a sausage or two, a fried egg, baked beans (with ketchup), grilled or fried tomatoes and a slice of fried bread (or toast), and some may like to add fried black pudding (sausage made from pig’s blood) and fried mushrooms.

Bangers and Mash

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Bangers and Mash is one of the traditional British dishes, also known as Sausages and Mash. Sausages are best served with the Lake District speciality Cumberland sausage, a pork sausage flavoured with pepper, thyme, sage, nutmeg and chilli. Usually, the sausage is layered over a generous amount of mashed potatoes and then drizzled with onion and beef gravy. Bangers and Mash is a typical dish in UK Pubs and is easy to make at home; supermarkets sell the well-made kind, too; heat it in the microwave and eat it.

Beef Wellington

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Beef Wellington is a dish consisting of a whole piece of beef, which is richer in flavour than ordinary steak, combining the freshness of mushrooms, the juiciness of filet mignon, and the crispness of puff pastry, making it a delicious combination of all three flavours. Beef Wellington is a dish that requires a great deal of heat control, with the whole piece of beef coated with foie gras or duck liver sauce, then wrapped in puff pastry and baked. It is a dish that often appears on the menus of many high-class restaurants, and the price is not cheap.

Pie and Mash

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Pie and Mash evolved from Steak and Loin Pie and Pork Pie, invented in the 18th century during the industrial era in England by the poor working class of London’s East End. Made from minced beef, served with mashed potatoes and topped with a green marinade made from eel, Pie and Mash are traditionally eaten with Jellied Eel.

Chicken Tikka Masala

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London is one of the best places in the world to eat Indian and Pakistani food due to its large South Asian population. Chicken Tikka Masala represents the Anglo-Indian cuisine that took the country by storm after the days of the British Empire. It is rumoured to have been created by a curry house in Glasgow and is even considered by some to be one of Britain’s national dishes. The glorious combination of marinated chicken, yoghurt and spices (from garam masala to cumin) uniquely represents the complex identity of the British nation.

Apple Crumble

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Apple Crumble is one of the UK’s favourite after-dinner desserts. It consists of peeled, cored and sliced Bramley apples covered with a crumbly crumb mixture made from flour, sugar and butter. This delicious dessert is baked in the oven until the crumb is golden brown and the apples are soft. The dessert is usually served with vanilla ice cream or custard made from eggs, milk and vanilla. In addition to apples, other fruits can be substituted, such as blackberries, peaches, rhubarb and plums. The toppings can also be replaced with oatmeal, almond flour or other nuts.

Scotch Eggs

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Scotch Eggs is a food invented in 1738 by Fortnum & Mason, a three-hundred-year-old British department store. It is made by squeezing fresh sausage meat, wrapping a boiled egg in the middle, and creating a round ball with breadcrumbs on the outside to be deep-fried.


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Pasty is now associated with Cornwall in the UK as a puff pastry. For those who don’t know, it’s a local speciality. But it’s still a delicious dish, filled with beef, onions, potatoes, kale, etc. Pastie is the American name for it, while pastry is the general term for puff pastry.


What are the top 10 foods in the UK?

  • Fish and Chips
  • Sunday Roast
  • Full English Breakfast
  • Bangers and Mash
  • Beef Wellington
  • Pie and Mash
  • Chicken Tikka Masala
  • Apple Crumble
  • Scotch Eggs
  • Pasty

What are the three most popular British foods?

  1. Fish and Chips
  2. Roast Dinner
  3. Afternoon Tea

What role do traditional British foods play in contemporary UK dining?

Traditional British foods are the cornerstone upon which contemporary UK dining builds innovative endeavours. In today’s culinary scene, chefs and food enthusiasts draw inspiration from the age-old recipes of traditional dishes, reimagining them with modern twists that speak to the country’s heritage and its future. This blending of old and new elevates the dining experience, creating a dynamic food culture that respects its roots while embracing evolution.

Top 10 Traditional Food in the UK (2024)
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