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Obituaries for May 26, 2024

  • Arkansas Democrat Gazette (2)

    Pierre Philippe Antoine

    It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of Pierre Antoine (81), a beloved husband, father, grandfather, distinguished professor and agricultural development practitioner, who passed away peacefully from …

  • Arkansas Democrat Gazette (3)

    Richard A. Ayco*ck

    RICHARD "RICK" AYco*ck, 72, of North Little Rock, died May 24, 2024. He was born September 20, 1951, in North Little Rock, to Ned and Margaret Ayco*ck. He is survived …

  • Arkansas Democrat Gazette (4)

    Buddy Lewis Bascue

    Buddy Lewis Bascue spent over twenty years in trucking, driving coast to coast, covering all of the United States, Mexico and Canada. He made his final dispatch on May 22, …

  • Arkansas Democrat Gazette (5)

    Nancy Lindsey Burris

    Nancy Lindsey Burris, of Fayetteville, Ark., passed away on Monday, May 20, 2024. She grew up in Danville, Va., where she attended Averett College and studied art with Robert Marsh. …

  • Arkansas Democrat Gazette (6)

    Judith Ann Collins

    JUDITH ANN COLLINS, age 78, of Little Rock, passed away in her home on Thursday, May 23, 2024. She was a loving daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, and friend. Judy was …

  • Arkansas Democrat Gazette (7)

    Lawson Leonard Delony, III

    Lawson Leonard Delony III died on March 14, 2024, on the beach, while vacationing with his family, in Florida. His memorial service was at 1 p.m. on Saturday, May 25, …

  • Arkansas Democrat Gazette (8)

    Latonya Dotson

    LATONYA NICOLE DOTSON, 49, of Little Rock, transitioned Sunday, May 19, 2024. She is preceded in death by her father, James "Shug" Dotson. Tonya was raised in NLR and graduated …

  • Arkansas Democrat Gazette (9)

    Oliver Nicholas Eichelmann

    OLIVER NICHOLAS EICHELMANN, JR., age 89, of Little Rock, passed away on May 20, 2024. He was born January 16, 1935, in Little Rock, Ark. to Oliver Nicholas Eichelmann, Sr. …

  • Arkansas Democrat Gazette (10)

    Helen Louise Evans

    Helen Louise Evans, 82, of Bentonville, passed away May 22, 2024, in Bentonville, at Circle of Life Hospice. She was born June 29, 1941, in Fayetteville, Ark., the daughter of …

  • Arkansas Democrat Gazette (11)

    Stacy Rochelle Hubbard

    STACY HUBBARD, 51, of Sherwood, transitioned on May 19. She is survived by her children, Latoyie Mcfee, Ashley Mcfee, Tevin Hubbard, Jamaica Artis; and a host of other relatives and …

  • Arkansas Democrat Gazette (12)

    Gilbert Hughes

    GILBERT HUGHES, 69, of Little Rock, Ark., departed life May 20, 2024. He is preceded in death by parents, Charles Hughes, Sr. and Vermilla Hughes; brother, James Hughes; sister, Hallie …

  • Arkansas Democrat Gazette (13)

    Jackye Mae Ivey

    Jackye Mae (Jones) Ivey, age 92, of Denver, Colo., passed away peacefully Friday, May 10, 2024. She was born January 19, 1932, in Fort Smith, Ark., to Clyde Jones and …

  • Arkansas Democrat Gazette (14)

    Joyce Marie Johnson Smith

    JOYCE MARIE JOHNSON SMITH, 72, of Little Rock, Ark., passed away on May 23, 2024. Survived by husband, Mr. Michael Smith; six children; 18 grandchildren; one great-grandchild; five sisters, & …

  • Arkansas Democrat Gazette (15)

    Forrest E. Lane

    Forrest E. Lane passed away on May 15, 2024, at nearly 90 years old, in Rogers, Ark. Forrest is survived by his beloved wife of almost 70 years, Modyne Lane; …

  • Arkansas Democrat Gazette (16)

    Lucy Lincoln Abraham

    LUCY LINCOLN ABRAHAM, 92, passed away peacefully on May 20, 2024. She is survived by her sister, Rowena Hardinger; children and grandchildren, Dana (Alexis and Jarod), James III and wife, …

  • Arkansas Democrat Gazette (17)

    Jack Young Lytle, Sr.

    SFC JACK YOUNG LYTLE, SR. (RET)., passed away on May 22, 2024. He dedicated 20 years of service to the ARMY/ARNG, embodying unwavering patriotism. Jack's sense of humor and devotion …

  • Arkansas Democrat Gazette (18)

    Susan Jane Moore

    Susan Jane (Thatcher) Moore, 75, of Cabot, Ark., and Saint Peters, Mo., passed away peacefully on Thursday, May 9, 2024. Susan is survived by her son, Charles (Bonnie) Staudt, and …

  • Arkansas Democrat Gazette (19)

    James Augustus Osborne

    James Augustus Osborne, 90, died peacefully at home in Hot Springs, on May 22, 2024. Jim was born August 3, 1933, in Little Rock, Ark., to James Robert and Nan …

  • Frank C. Pamplin III

    Frank C. Pamplin III, of Bryant, died Thursday, May 23, 2024, at the age of 71. He was born, in Little Rock, to Frank C. Pamplin, Jr. and Lois Marie …

  • Arkansas Democrat Gazette (20)

    Laurie A. Rosenberg-Mosley

    LAURA A. ROSENBERG-MOSLEY was born in Oil City, Pa., on February 7, 1962. Her parents were Harold Rosenberg and Verna Metzinger-Rosenberg. She passed from this earthly journey on May 6, …

  • Arkansas Democrat Gazette (21)

    Gaynelle Starks Peterson

    GAYNELLE STARKS PETERSON, 85, of North Little Rock, transitioned into eternity on May 21. She is survived by her son, Roy Lee Peterson, Jr.; sister, Bernice Hattison; brother, Ozell "Bo" …

  • Arkansas Democrat Gazette (22)

    James "Jim" Strawn III

    JAMES WESLEY "JIM" STRAWN III, also affectionately called "Peep" by his grandkids and others, died on May 24, 2024, after a recent stroke. Jim was born, in Little Rock, on …

  • Arkansas Democrat Gazette (23)

    Marilyn Sue Suggs Songer

    MARILYN SUE SUGGS SONGER, 84, of North Little Rock, passed away on Saturday, May 18, 2024. She is survived by her son, Scotty Aday; brothers, John Suggs and Jerry Suggs; …

  • Arkansas Democrat Gazette (24)

    Brenda Tappins

    BRENDA TAPPINS, 73, of Little Rock, transitioned on May 17. She is survived by a multitude of family and friends. Kelly Smith Funeral & Cremation Services will be serving the …

  • Ronald Paul Tezel

    RONALD P. TEZEL, 83, of Little Rock, passed away on Tuesday, May 21, 2024. He was born January 24, 1941, in San Antonio, Texas. He is survived by his devoted …

  • Arkansas Democrat Gazette (25)

    James Earl Thomas

    JAMES EARL NEWSOME THOMAS, 62, of Hensley, Ark. departed this life May 15, 2024. He is preceded in death by his; parents: Samuel Lee Thomas Sr and Argustar Marie Thomas. …

  • Robert "Rob" Lloyd Thomas, Jr.

    Robert "Rob" Lloyd Thomas, Jr., 63, of Alexander, was born August 30, 1960. Rob passed May 23, 2024. Services are Tuesday, May 28, 2024, at 11 a.m., with visitation one …

  • Arkansas Democrat Gazette (26)

    Thomas Frank Treat

    Thomas Frank Treat, Ph.D., LFACHE, Colonel, USAF, MSC (Retired) of Arkadelphia, Ark., died of natural causes on May 16, 2024, at the John L. McClellan Memorial Veterans Hospital, in Little …

  • Arkansas Democrat Gazette (27)

    Howard Trent

    HOWARD TRENT, of Little Rock, passed away at home on May 21, 2024. He was born on December 17, 1935 in Batesville, Ark. Howard was a man of strong Christian …

  • Arkansas Democrat Gazette (28)

    Jack Wagoner III

    JACK WAGONER III passed away on April 23, 2024, at his home in Little Rock, Ark., at the age of 62. Jack, had he awoken, would have been grateful to …

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