LETTERS: Support for Derrick Wilburn; more of the same results (2024)

Support for Derrick Wilburn

We submit this letter in shocked astonishment at the grotesque, vile accusations being leveled at our friend Derrick Wilburn. Derrick is a long-time upstanding member of this community whom we have all known for decades and whose reputation is unimpeachable. He has served his city, state, nation, school district, education, law enforcement and faith communities with impeccable distinction by volunteering countless hours and the very idea that he is a “child sex predator” who is “aroused by little kids” would be laughable were the allegations not so serious.

Together with his wife Derrick has raised an Air Force Academy graduate and current Air Force pilot, a bank director, and a valedictorian who’s soon to be a physicist. All of them–-Derrick, his wife and children—-are deserving of a sincere apology for these vicious attacks.

We, the parties signed hereto, are residents of Colorado and, like Derrick, Black-Americans who for years we have stood on the front lines with Derrick advocating for equality. Sadly, there is a long and horrible history in our country of Black men being targeted for destruction by false accusations of criminal and sexual misconduct and we are aghast that our friend, one of the finest individuals in Colorado, finds himself the latest victim of that disgraceful, hateful tradition. We stand in unified solidarity with our brother against this despicable, racist attack.


Pastor Nathan O’Neal, Aurora, Linda Jones, Colorado Springs, Sheldon Valere, Fountain, Pastor Calvin Johnson, Colorado Springs, Ted S. Byer, Colorado Springs, Ed Whitson, Monument, Deborah Hendrix, Colorado Springs, Ken Davis, Colorado Springs, Michael Jones, Colorado Springs, Dwight Dorty, Woodland Park, Danny Moore, Centennial Cain Young, Fort Collins, Pastor Jerome Perkins, Pueblo Andrea Davis, Colorado Springs, Kevin Moore, Colorado Springs Joshua Griffin, Colorado Springs

More of the same results

The mayor is asking voters to approve a ten year extension of the 2C road tax. This is asking us to vote ourselves more of the same, paying a tax for ten more years with very little to show for it.

The mayor has been silent on what he will do to assure voters they will see anything different in the future. More press releases touting the paving of lane-miles in the past will not do. The city roads are in terrible shape. Obviously, the 2C tax alone is not enough to get the job done. Voters must have a pledge from the mayor that 2C dollars will be matched with enough general fund dollars to finish the job, or the appropriate vote is no!

Andy McElhany

Colorado Springs

Talk is cheap in politics

When considering voting for candidates for public office a very important consideration, for many, are the core values of each candidate.

With regard to the June 25th Republican Primary election we have two choices:

Candidate #1

In nearly every sentence spoken and throughout all his printed materials, this candidate says “I am a Christian.”

To many voters that is a key consideration in deciding who they will vote for.

Candidate #2

This candidate does not, with any regularly, profess his religious affiliation. Instead, this candidate is judged well by others as they learn how he has lived a very Christian life and the effect and influence he and his family has had on others. Someone I would call a true Christian.

In my view, talk is cheap and actions always speak louder than words.

Hollow rhetoric is a tool of disingenuous “politicians,” not those committed to public service.

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I urge voters to carefully consider the true character and depth of qualifications and experience of each candidate and, thereafter, vote accordingly.

The decision you make on June 25th is, in my view, crystal clear.

Bob Balink

Colorado Springs

Say one thing, do another

The latest version of our pathetic politicians: Nikki Haley.

On the campaign trail, she proclaimed “Trump is totally unhinged.” He is unfit to be president.” “I will not kiss his ring.” Now she has decided to kiss his a.” She stated today, “I will vote for Donald Trump.” She is not the first, and won’t be the last, to say one thing and do another.

Is it any wonder why the majority of Americans hold them in contempt?

Billy Greer

Colorado Springs

Getting serious about border controlI’m a former Coloradan, now living in New Mexico and a former Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture and member of the Colorado House of Representatives.

For the last 13 years I have been making monthly trips to the Mexican border to document conditions there.

If Candidate Cory Applegate is serious about border control, he should advocate the following:

1. Support for the Senate bill that would have provided for more Border Patrol agents because they do a superb job in detaining migrants who attempt to cross into the US illegally. The problem is that there are too few of them.

2. Support an expanded and simplified guest worker program because many of those who are coming are looking for seasonal employment, not permanent residency.

They need the income and we need the workers.

3. The legislation that the Republican House killed without even a hearing would have also pushed for technology to screen large trucks crossing through ports of entry. That is how 87% of the drugs entering the US get here.

4. Mexico’s national elections take place on June 2 and a new president will be elected — a woman for the first time in Mexico’s history. Immediately build a strong relationship with this new leader because Mexico can do even more to keep migrants from reaching our border.

Morgan Smith

Santa Fe, NM

LETTERS: Support for Derrick Wilburn; more of the same results (2024)
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