Beef Empanadas Recipe (2024)



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YES! I had no time to google it so I tested 1, it worked and then I baked my whole batch. Much faster than frying in smaller batches and just as crispy and toasty. Just brush egg wash (1 beaten egg+ a few drops of water) to get more golden colour (if cooking from frozen brush them once they've defrosted a bit in the oven).


Could we bake them?

Belle's Mom

Recipe says yield is 40 empanadas. Directions = 16.


Another commenter advised 20 minutes at 400, which worked perfectly for me!


Step 3's instruction, "Add the tomato paste and toast," sent me searching for toast in the ingredients list, lol!


I make 100 at a time (small, like for two bites) and freeze them on a cookie sheet. When frozen, I put them in a ziplock bag and keep them for up to 3 months in the freezer. I bake them frozen until they are nice and gold (I use an egg wash).


Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.


The yield is 40 empanadas. 2 logs cut in half = 4. Each of the 4 are cut into 10 = 40.

Joy Pinto-Kamath

A friend and I get together and make these by the dozen so we can keep them in the freezer for after school snacks. We deep-fry, cool, freeze, thaw in the fridge, and heat in the skillet.For larger batches (more than 6), they go into the oven, straight from the freezer.See my reply below for reheating directions.


I would freeze before frying -- that oil won't do well in the freezer.


I improvised and subbed in tempeh for the original beef, along with a few other substitutions, and it was delicious. I think very firm tofu would work too.That said, the dough is so versatile! I made another batch with curried cauliflower and chickpeas as a filling, and that was very tasty as well.


This might exactly the right amount of filling for the empanadas, and they turned out so great I was thoroughly impressed. Followed the recipe exactly except for rolled the dough out and made circles with a biscuit cutter instead (then refrigerated the disks, then took them out again and rolled them thinner just before stuffing them)


Followed this to the letter--except subbed fish sauce for the oyster sauce and coconut aminos for the soy sauce. Baked a quarter of these after brushing with egg wash. They came out with a calzone-esque consistency. Not what I wanted, but the filling is outstanding!I froze the remaining (uncooked) empanadas on lined baking sheets overnight. The second time around, I pan-fried in cast iron with a smattering of olive oil, flipped, and finished in a 400F oven. These were flaky, crusty PERFECTION!


Yes Susan, they can be made ahead of time, frozen and then fried. Flavor remains!


I was out of oyster sauce so used gochujang and it was delicious!

Deb Martin

Kudos to anyone who makes the dough and cuts it out. Me? I use Goya frozen empanada discs. Be sure to buy the puff pastry one, which is from Argentina. The other one is more doughy but also works. I freeze them before baking and then take them out a couple at a time for a snack or meal. They bake up great in the toaster oven.


Great recipe, served with a curried ketchup


Delicious with a great flaky dough. Very labor intensive and I messed up quite a few trying to roll out individual circles. Next time I’m rolling the dough flat in pieces and using a round cookie cutter.


Step 3: Tomato paste and TOAST???


Vinegar sauce? Columbian friends of ours serve theirs with a bright vinegar sauce, kissed by a tiny bit of tomatoes and fresh herbs.You dip the empanadas in the sauce or break them in half and pour a bit inside. Completely sparks the flavor.Since this is my only experience with empanadas, I was looking for a good companion sauce.


Can they be air fried?


Maybe someone else mentioned this already, but I use my tortilla press instead of rolling the dough. So much easier.


For those of you that have access to a Latin or Argentine grocery store like we do in Miami, they sell empanada dough ready to use. The best brand is La Salteña, the blue kind which is for baking. I used to bring it all the way from Argentina, in the small size for co*cktail parties. Now I can find it here and it is excellent.


Plan to make these substituting tofu for beef and keeping everything else the same.Sounds so good!

Katie P

Anyone have any luck making these gluten free?


Aug 14/22 Baked instead of fried. Pastry a little dry, but the empanada was tasty.

Miss Foodie

Great recipe but a lot of work. Be prepared. I baked these to cut back on fried foods and they baked quite well as others suggested. I made them in batches and froze the extra for lovely appetizers with friends. They were flaky after thawing and baking. I omitted the raisins as my family is not a fan of them. Definitely worth making…thinking of making chimichurri to go with it next time.

Miss Foodie

Great recipe, but reduce the salt. Soy sauce and fish sauce are very salty. Brushed egg wash and baked 20-25 minutes as previous suggestions for a lighter and still flaky pastry. Family loved it. Freezes well.


This are time consuming and worth every minute. Delicious.

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Beef Empanadas Recipe (2024)
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