Roasted Salmon With Jalapeño, Honey and Lime Recipe (2024)



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Mark Heitchue Eugene, Oregon

Great recipe! Enjoyed making it. I used WILD salmon, becaSue farmed salmon is only pink from coloring and the way they are raised creates a very toxic and viral threat to our wild salmon. Please choose wild salmon over farmed-fake-pink-fish that are fed things like old cat food. Purchasing Wild salmon protects the watersheds that are crucial to their existence by creating a value to these areas. Don't believe the hype FARMED SALMON = DEATH for WILD SALMON.


Whoa, this set our mouths on fire with one jalapeño. Still delicious! Agree that the sauce thickened too much, even reducing the temperature to 375 degrees.


I added a little more honey and soy sauce for a thinner sauce and served it with brown rice and asparagus. We thought it was delicious!


This was quite tasty but the glaze was way too thick after 10 minutes of simmering. Next time I'll try adding some chicken broth or something to keep it from getting too sticky and thick.


I absolutely loved this! Served with some harissa roasted carrots & cilantro lime rice, it was the perfect weeknight meal (and the spice level with two jalapeños was mild but noticeable, no issues with the sauce thickening)

Erik in Portland

Use vinegar from jarred jalapeños in place of the apple cider vinegar-gives a brighter jalapeño taste!


Mine started that way as well, but after five minutes in the oven, the glaze was plenty runny and was easily brushed.


Usually in the oven, you roast it flesh side up and leave it. If you were using a pan to fry, put it skin side down on a VERY hot pan and cook until you can turn and remove the skin with tongs, cook on the flesh side, then flip back to where the skin was previously. You can tell when it's cooked if the fish is soft or firm when you press with a finger. You want it somewhere in between. Too firm and it will be dry as a bone. Too soft, uncooked. I hope this helps. I've cooked a lot of fish.


Absolutely delicious. I had no issues with thickness, but definitely had to keep the flame on low to keep at a simmer and not a boil. I also had no problem with heat as jalapeños aren’t that hot to begin with and once cooked down they are almost sweet and taste like crispy little bits of joy. If you’re still worried just de-seed. But definitely eat this.


Those Jalapeños look more like Serrano chilis, they are very small and appear to be red.


Plenty of spice here! We de-ribbed/seeded one chili but not the other - the jalapeños themselves is where the flavor is at in this dish. I'd love to add another more mild chili next time so I can go off on them! Finishing with cilantro and more lime helps boost the flavor IMO. This is a super easy/quick weeknight dinner that will most likely be in my regular rotation.


A lot of talk about the sauce thickening up. Instead of broth try using rice wine or some white alcohol too thin it. The flavors will suit it more.


My family loved this-made it with two jalapeños instead of three, but it could have used the third. I added a little extra soy sauce and vinegar, and it reduced perfectly.

Dennis M Callies

What makes farmed salmon organic?


Very delicious! Used lemons instead of limes and loved it. The sauce thickened quite a bit when in the oven - wish we had saved some in the pan to spoon over once it finished cooking. Added some sesame seeds at the end for garnish.


Made it again with 2 servings of salmon, but following the recipe for full amount of sauce using 1/4 c honey. Very good!


Used pickled jalapeños. Does not take 25 minutes...Sauce needs to start first.


I can’t handle too much heat so I have my own homemade hot honey, which is what I used here. Amazing. So easy and delicious.


I have made this several times - delicious, but I always forget to DOUBLE THE GLAZE!!!

Dolph W.

This was a great luncheon for us. I served it with brown rice, sauteed spinach and cherry tomatoes so we had nice colors. I cooked it less than called for because of our preference. I added a cup of vegetable broth to the sauce and removed all the jalapeno slices as soon as it started to boil. I had tasted it and realized that it would be too hot for us as directed. Saved the jalapeno slices in apple cider vinegar and the "pickles" add a wonderful taste and heat to everything I've added them to

Debbie G

This was super easy and delicious! For those of us who don't appreciate mouth-burning heat, a suggestion: I cut the jalapeños in half and took out the seeds, then cut crosswise. The end result was delicious in the honey/vinegar/soy sauce mix. I almost wished there was a little bit more heat, so maybe next time I'll leave just a few seeds in the jalapeño. Otherwise, perfection.


I have made this many times - it’s easy enough to make it in to our weeknight rotation, but elegant enough for company. Tonight I subbed maple syrup for the honey since I had nine, and loved it just a wee bit better. Either way you can’t go wrong!


Terrible heat wave in California yesterday so I cooked this in a skillet on top of the stove (no oven) and just kept spooning the sauce over the salmon throughout. Super easy and very tasty.


Actually I liked this better as cold leftovers, mixed (pearl couscous & all) with salad greens.Not sure I’d go to the trouble of making it again just for a salmon salad... but maybe marinating the salmon in the sauce/glaze for an hour before roasting would appeal to me more.


Hmph. Will not make again. Bland & sauce never glazed. Doubled the sauce, using jalapeños from garden, tamari, & brown rice vinegar (for those confused as I, “rice wine vinegar” is same as rice vinegar). Didn’t add salt, as tamari (& soy sauce) sufficiently salty. Cooked skin side up at 350F for 10 min. to not overcook, turned off oven & let sit 5 min. while pearl (Israeli) couscous finished (forgot to start rice before prepping). Wild coho & sockeye: perfectly cooked; flavors: meh.


Like other reviewers, I doubled the sauce and added a splash of chicken broth to the sauce to keep it from being too thick. I also added the lime to the sauce just before serving rather than squeezing it right onto the salmon. I was lucky to get extremely fresh salmon right off the boat in a port near us. Delicious and super easy.


Good recipe. Tried it without the jalapeño for the kids and still delicious. We actually defrosted frozen salmon and came out great!


Loved this! Simple and easy - a great weeknight dinner. I didn't have any jalapenos on hand so I used crushed red pepper flakes. Will be making again and again.


Amazing!!! It calls for 3 Jalapeños and we dropped to 2 because we were worried it might get too spicy — once it was cooked, we knew we could have done all 3. The jalapeños caramelize in an incredible way that makes them sweet without that lasting, residual heat.My tips: take care when heating the sauce; it reduced quickly & there wasn’t much to drizzle on our quinoa. And the baking pan was difficult to clean afterward (all that cooked honey!). Line your pan well with foil.


Great recipe! Very fast! I had some baby bok choy I was going to use and because it is Friday and I wanted to minimize dirty dishes, I threw the bok choy in the roasting pan after the first 6 min, and tossed it in the glaze before putting back in the oven. Perfect!

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Roasted Salmon With Jalapeño, Honey and Lime Recipe (2024)
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