Fade to Black, Blind to All the Facts; Crashing the Leibowitz vs Wolfowitz Doctrines; Kickstopped One Last Time; Ray McGovern's MICIMATT vs Paul Craig Robert's Monsters, Again "On the Table" (2024)

Glenn Diesen: ..its not clear what the motivations of the French are because part of the rhetoric as well is that
‘we shouldn’t take anything off the table’,
because if we limit ourselves, you know Russia, well it makes us very predictable. .. To me it first sounded a little bit like Nixon’s madman strategy. You know, when he suggested it's good if our adversaries think we’re unpredictable, what we might do, because then they’re less likely to attack us and poke us.
The line between proxy war and direct war keeps narrowing. And, uh, naturally obviously for Russia, they reacted quite negatively because at some point they have to uphold their redlines. You know, where is this all going to end? One day NATO’s pilots going to fly NATO planes taking off from NATO territory, you know, bombing Russian cities. And Russia’s still going to be deterred not to do anything? ..
Remember Biden himself said sending F-16’s could be the start of World War III. We’re never going to do that, and now we’re doing that. So ago some point Russia will feel very compelled to strike back, uh, to restore deterrence. ..
Pascal Lottaz: You know, this is what Clausewitz said, like a war pushes you to extremes. It constantly pushes you to do, to one up the other, and that’s this exclamation spiral. And that’s not just in this war. I mean we’ve seen how we’ve had this shadow war going on before, at least 15 years, of expansion, not expansion, Ukraine neutral, not neutral. And this has been constantly pushed.
And this escalation spiral is now continuing. And I cannot get over, and I think you’re the right person to talk, to talk about this to. I cannot get over the fact that we are in Europe, now on a straight path to a fifth general war in 400 years. .. And from that we keep doing that in very regular intervals, our stupid continent. Um, are we in that spiral again? Or is this purely political, because I also see this problem in the media. In Europe, there seems to be something like ‘war euphoria’ going on, as in war is inevitable. It’s a question of when, not if. ..
Glenn Diesen: It reminds me often of the 1648 or the 30 Year War which preceded it. Because the main problem there was we were all slaughtering each other, in this ‘Total War’ because everyone thought that peace can only be established when there’s [only] one dominant force left. In other words, peace has to be dependent on the hegemony. Um, but alliances kept shifting, uh, so no one power was able to establish dominance. And at the end after, you know, burned down our old continent, in the worst war we had, we all decided, okay, let’s find a diplomatic solution.
Now we seem to be moving in that direction now, but of course the weapons are much more terrifying now. And we usually [see?] these huge political agreements, to adjust to new political reality, they emerge after major wars but this, this is the first time we really have to be able to reach the diplomacy BEFORE the war. Because, uh, it’s very likely we won’t survive this war which might be coming. So it’s a dangerous time.
And as we mentioned, the propaganda is very fierce, uh, which creates this war enthusiasm. Un, this is why I think, yeah, propaganda is a chapter of its own in this war.
Pascal Lottaz: It definitely is. It’s something that helps shape this entire thing. But that’s why, you know, I don’t view this whole thing anymore as just the greedy neocons, uh, who try to have a proxy war because of the military industrial complex. Or just Russia that tries to put boundaries there. We are in a social conflagration which, uh, dozens of factors start creating a war scenario.
And they build the war socially right now, around us. And that that’s also that it includes the mentality, because at the end of the day, in order to fight the big war, what you need is millions of people who are willing to go, take the weapons and go, right? And we know that inside Ukraine, we already have that one. And but we are still working on creating the conditions socially, all of us together, to make that possible. ..
What I see at the moment is that we have of the three global great powers, Russia, China, and the United States, the have two which are clearly in the realist camp. And which clearly, I think, perceived the world in realist terms. And also in like threat perception, and so on.
But we have the United States and the European satellites who are, in my view, horribly captured in something like a post-religious frenzy of perceiving everything as, you know, in terms of ‘good and evil’. The original conceptualization of the world in Christian terms.
‘Good democracies’ versus ‘evil autocracies’ and there is no negotiating with the devil. The devil needs to be defeated. ..
Glenn Diesen: And this is what we’ve done in the past 30 years as well. We say we have liberal democratic values, its universal, we all follow the same path to development. We will help you along, and this, again has the same function as the Catholic Church in the back in the 17th century. ..
This legitimizes concept of only one real sovereign, which is the political West. Because we are, we already have liberal democracy so, but others do not. So we’re the civilized. They are the barbarians. So we will help them along. And with this as we mentioned, the good vs evil is where the propaganda comes in because we don’t discuss key issues anymore. We just have a, this concepts and all our concepts, they’re all great, you know.
Freedom, democracy, and, but they’re all empty vessels. There’s nothing. We fill it with whatever we want, and as we’ve seen in Ukraine, what we fill it with is all nonsense. It’s things which contradict it. But it helps us because in propaganda you want communicate in slogans and phrases reflecting the struggle between good and evil. But this is something we didn’t start now. We’ve been doing this since the 90s. ..
Pascal Lottez: It's interesting this religious, uh, dogma, is coming apart in front of our eyes. That is so glaring that it’s interesting that there’s still the hardcore believers that can go along with it. Especially when we now start comparing everything that happened in Ukraine with everything that’s happening in Gaza, right?
Where allegedly the democratic guys, the ‘good guys’ are the ones who killed 40,000 Palestinians in a ghetto, un, the length of a marathon, six kilometers wide, or ten, and where an entire population is captured. .. half of them are children under the age of 18, and those, the people who kill those people are the ones that are hailed as, like literally you know, the only democracy in the Middle East. .. But that’s not how it works to the ideologues, is it?
Glenn Diesen: No, when you talk about good vs evil, then it limits the scope for facts. So for example, let us just look at when the Russians invaded Ukraine. The Americans dropped more bombs on Iraq on the first day than the Russians did in the first month. And also if you look at the civilian casualties in the Ukraine War, it’s actually remarkably low compared to almost all other conflicts.
Now these are just facts. And it can’t be denied. It can be proven. But you can’t say them, because if you say it, then, you, you’re supporting this side. So we’re committed to this ideology that they’re the bad guys, we’re the good guys, so even though these are proven facts, it legitimizes an invasion by evil, and so you can’t say it.
But this is why I mentioned it before, that we use these concepts, these virtuous great ideals, and we hollow them out. And fill them with anything and we saw this already in the 90s. You know, when we started integrating, having this idea of European integration, wonderful right? Everyone likes European integration. It’s a great theme, but we don’t unpack it, you know?
Europe is a contested concept. So the British, for example, said listen, is it a good idea to transfer sovereign powers from elected democracies to an unelected bureaucracy far away in Brussels? This is a reasonable debate to have, but how do we respond? No, more Europe, not less Europe!
Europe is good. Anti-Europe is bad. And you know, feel how you want about the Brexit, but this would have been a good conversation to have. And, you know, a reasonable one. And we saw the same with the Russians. We talk about European integration. What does it mean?
It means we moved the dividing lines to the east. The largest state in Europe, Russia, they have to decouple, we have to decouple their neighbors from them. And if you have too much economic integration between Germany and Russia, the two largest economies in Europe now, this is bad for Europe, as Brzezinski told us. This undermines European integration.
So we have, you know, two sides of this discussion. And a debate can be had. But the point is, we don’t have debates. We have [these] slogans, so I think this is a problem. And you saw the same in Ukraine.
We’re saying, listen, Ukraine should have sovereignty, freedom, allowed to choose it’s own foreign policy, wonderful! Everyone would sign up this certainly. But these are very abstract concepts. And again, you could fill these vessels, if you will, with any content. So we toppled a democratically elected government there in an unconstitutional coup against the will of the majority of Ukrainians, [and] its a ‘democratic revolution’ you know.
We supported the attacks on the Donbas, purged their political opposition, their media, supported arresting the main opposition leader, um, overturning the elections they had in Ukraine when they voted for a peace platform because Americans say this is simply a capitulation to Moscow. We will help the Ukrainians not to have to capitulate, even though the vast majority voted for a peace platform.
So always we do, we have this idea of helping freedom, democracy, and we put all kind of nonsense in there which has nothing to do with it. And this why we can’t have discussions because we just speak in these slogans. So if you say, well perhaps, you know, we should respect the Ukrainian elections, and implemented the peace platform, no, well you know, then you’re supporting Russian imperialism. So you know, there’s no real discussions.
Pascal Lottaz: I think we’ve lost the capacity for that. .. I think we’ve lost the ability to actually, um, to even perceive and discuss these issues because immediately if you do, the media would crack down on you, or other factions would crack down on you. So each actor in the system knows exactly the boundaries that they wiggle in, and that wiggle room is not big enough to wiggle into a discussion.
So we have a sociological moment where, um, discussion ain’t possible anymore.
Excerpt from Hegemonitis: Why the West Has Become So Dumb with Professor Glenn Diesen
Neutrality Studies Youtube - Posted May 20th, 2024 (recorded May 10th, 2024
Neil Oliver: The oak trees I mentioned are all around us in another form. The oak trees I’m talking about are those people I mentioned before that do things, build and make things, fix things, that do the things we count on every day. They’re also the people that get on about their business without asking for any help.
They don’t need help, and they don’t want interference. They certainly don’t want or willingly tolerate interference from people in authority who know nothing about nothing.
What breaks my heart is that the powers that be completely disregard, ignore, and dismiss those people, those oaks. If the powers that be see those people at all, then they count them as less than nothing, surplus to requirements indeed.
If they notice them now, it’s to disparage them, call them names: Little Englanders; Fascists; White Supremacists; Nationalists; White Van Man [?]. This disregarding an entire class of people, people who just want to work, to build better lives themselves and their families, is a disgrace.
In America, Hillary Clinton dismissed them as ‘a basket of deplorables’. By which, she meant anyone who didn’t agree with her.
Justin Trudeau of Canada described people that wouldn’t take the so-called ‘vaccines’ as racists and misogynists. He called the truckers ‘far right’, seized their bank accounts. Peaceful protesters were jailed. Farmers standing in the face of attempts to take their land to end generations of food production, and others like them all across Europe, are vilified as ‘far right extremists’.
Protests against lockdown by the sort of real people I’m talking about were ignored, ridiculed. Violence was meted upon them.
That this happened disgusts me. More and more the policies, the policies being pursued in the West are revealed as simply anti-Human.
What do most people want after all? A home of their own, a family, a job, peace, to just get on with it. Also peace in the world. Most people in the world want peace.
Instead what do they get? They get needled incessantly about things that are no business of the authorities. Those authorities come after people’s cars, the way people can heat their homes. People are needled about the food they eat. At school, children are taught that Mom and Dad might not be people to listen to, about much of anything. And certainly not such matters about whether they should be content with the bodies they were born in, the names they were given.
The anti-Human agenda tells people, people who just want to be left alone to work and raise families unmolested that they are to blame for the imminent ending of Life on Earth. The anti-Human agenda tells hard working people to pay no attention to decay in the homeland, the failing infrastructure, breathtaking price rises on food and fuel and every other damn thing. To systemic corruption in institutions, in the banks, to failing standards of education.
Ignore all that people are told, and watch us send billions of pounds to corrupt nations thousands of miles away for pointless endless wars. Ignore that you don’t feel safe at home. Ignore the pot holes on the roads. Ignore all that those people are told, and if anyone raises their voice to object, they have their noses rubbed in the fact that there isn’t a damn thing they can do about it.
What breaks my heart is that those people, descendants of hundreds of generations of others like them, deeply rooted in the soil of this place are overlooked as though they don’t matter, as though they never mattered, as though they have nothing to give. As though this country and the world would be better off without them.
They’re even ridiculed for that sense of belonging, that sense of place. The anti-Humanists want to take a axe to all of that, to cut everyone everywhere away from their roots, so that they feel disconnected, belonging nowhere, and therefore anywhere, rootless as tumbleweed.
It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, this cutting off the roots of people. Every religion, every ideology, every leader of a popular movement has employed it. And it works every time. This behavior by the latest ideologues and authoritarians is as deliberate as it is cynical.
They wield the axe to separate us one from another. To cleave us into smaller and smaller groups so that all the other groups might be set at each other’s throats, whether it’s on the grounds of race or religion, anything to stoke the fires. ..
The solution for everyone begins with seeing that it’s happening, all this division, all this driving of hatred and fear. And it’s being done on purpose by the only ones that ever profit and benefit from the resultant chaos, which is the few. Where is the leader that will notice, far less care, what might be built from such a forest of oaks?
There are towering oaks all around us, and any leader could receive no greater honor in this life than to have the respect of those people. Those people are still here, long after most of the oak trees fell long ago. And someone with the wit could stand within, alongside those oaks and make something unbeatable.
It’s an open goal we have before us. Parliament’s rotten. The institutions are rotten. The judiciary, the Civil Service, the media, rotten. The fiat currencies are Ponzi schemes, rotten. All of it. The whole damn system. The whole damn state is rotten. ..
In spite of all I’ve just been talking about, in spite of all the fear p*rn, all the censorship the deliberate and cynical conjuring into being of one war after another, one scandemic after another, one existential crisis after another, in spite of all that, frankly I honestly thing that BECAUSE of all that, the many are finally believing less and less of what they are told. In fact the oaks believe none of it. THAT will be our strength. THAT is how we will prevail together, in the face of the axe being wielded against us.
Excerpt from The Neil Oliver Show
GBNews Youtube channel - May 17th, 2024
George Galloway: Well, I’ll tell you what brother. First of all I’m deeply touched to take a call from Namibia. In former times I, uh, played a modest part in the liberation struggle in your country. And to hear it come back to me now, in your voice, and in your level of consciousness is very heartwarming indeed.
Un, secondly I’ve got bad news though I suspect that you already now this. There is no democracy. Democracy shamocracy. It is lipstick on a pig. And they only put the lipstick on to contrast themselves with the lipstick-less pigs in other political systems in other times. They said look at us, uh, with our lipstick called ‘democracy’. Called ‘freedom of speech’. Called ‘free expression’. That’s what differentiates us from them.
But as soon as there was ANY possibility that that democracy would lead to meaningful change, the lipstick is wiped off and the fangs of that ugly are bared. And used. And I’ve known this for a very long time. I suspect so have you. Others of our fellow citizens are only coming to a realization of it now.
They saw what happened and can easily speculate about what would have happened next if my comrade Jeremy Corbin had got another 3,467 votes in the right places in the general election of 2017. They already now know that he would not have been allowed to govern.
His own party’s fifth column in the first instance would have made it impossible for him to govern. They might have slashed his tires before on his bike, before he got to the Palace. They might have put something in his tea. If necessary, they would have had a vote of no confidence and brought him down. If necessary, God forbid, they would have had him experience a helicopter accident.
We now know that which some did not know, that freedom of speech is a chimera. It’s a complete illusion. For some there is none. For some [it] is restricted and minimized, algorithmically strangled, with the real nuclear option of simply being banned, banished. Like Winnie Mandela was banished to Brandfort, some of use might be banished to God knows where, either literally or metaphorically.
So democracy is just a dress that they wore to make them look prettier than the people with whom they were in competition. But to mix the metaphor, in that magnificent and final scene in Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’, where the animals looked through the window from pig to man and man to pig, and pig to man and man to pig, and could no longer tell the difference between the two.
Excerpt from White Noise - MOATS with George Galloway Ep 344
MOATS Youtube channel - May 19th, 2024
What’s good about (still) being mostly erased (not that I ever was that well known to begin with) is that people can know me through my writing (those few who stumble across it, no nation’s publishing houses would dare pay me to write or for what I have written (though hopefully some might plagiarize it a bit now and then)) without any hype (or slander so far from any governments)(People not told what to think for once, as far as I know. What a concept!).
Those chasing fame, whether for money or to do good, to stop or close wars and wounds depend in the US on luck and the approval of a pretty bad state.
My not yet fatal erasure based upon sh*t (I have done much, helped a few key times, mostly about trying to avoid where we are today) that will break later if the world survives this twin Middle East conflagration combined with the Ukraine crisis (I have a ‘been there done that’ for years researching how bad things can get in these scenarios, and I am a bit bored sometimes that they are still dragging them out.
I’ve already begun to focus on the next upcoming potential cluster*uck in East Asia because that’s the one I haven’t sussed out countless times already.
I can’t say that it will be more interesting but to be at all, it requires putting THIS sh*t to bed relatively quickly or this game of chicken with Russia and China will end suddenly and badly. And most will be dead, the lucky ones, without knowing how badly their leaders and their own inattentiveness failed them royally, and the rest will suffer worse than the people of Gaza, if that is possible.
My reemergence quoted or called up a book called A Canticle for Leibowitz,
Fade to Black, Blind to All the Facts; Crashing the Leibowitz vs Wolfowitz Doctrines; Kickstopped One Last Time; Ray McGovern's MICIMATT vs Paul Craig Robert's Monsters, Again "On the Table" (1)
a classic of two nuclear ages and two apocalypses. A bit of an error to think humanity will survive one to get another. From what I’ve seen and was echoed and amplified nicely in that book, one is more than enough.
Even one too many. But another more interesting problem awaits over the hill. I have seen enough glimpses of THAT situation pending to pique my interest more than a little.
But of course that requires putting these senseless horrors to bed quickly, or most may never get to see what finally got me thinking, perhaps they’ll make it to a round two WITHOUT a major war. And Lord knows they almost certainly won’t WITH having one.
JaredDubois @ Telegram - Polsci.com - May 15th, 2024
So Kickstarter turned down my second attempt to raise money though it was almost the same as first one they approved but which failed to get backers.
Recently I said again I am hoping to do interviews about the war in Ukraine’s potential aftermath and how certain people think others can help the healing. And also that I hope to study about China and Taiwan.
In my last post and in this one almost a year ago I stated why. As Garland Nixon said in video recently posted regarding why he didn’t wish to fight someone, part of why I didn’t fight the bully was because of any chance, since he was so much bigger, a real chance misjudging, and doing him serious injury, which I reposted in this.
A few years later my girlfriend and his were besties and wanted to all hang out together. It was bad enough only few yrs later drinking with he who made middle school for me so horrible, but I even had to make sure he got home safe! He was semi-passed out and semi-coherent in my car, while trying to get him to give me his address, he reminisced about one time he did anything nice for me.
Some of my nephews black belts so they can fight w/o seriously hurting someone. To me, one shouldn’t fight just to have to prove anything. I covered that about how insane the thinking is in Washington DC, provoking Russia, China, and Iran then saying they started it.
Later I backed down in that Tucker Carlson and Glen Greenwald put best stuff behind paywalls but it was nice he put the full Aaron Rodgers interview onto Youtube.
A few more things I have yet to try to get unstuck from paradise and back, hopefully to studying, this time around East Asian politics.
I do have expertise on color revolutions AND Middle Eastern wars and politics (pre-21st century) but even outside the West I would most definitely prefer to be just a student than instructor (if funding can be worked out that is)
(In the Woke west, to permanently gagged from free speech just to teach? No thank you. Now even the students are being forbidden from free speech or expressing independent contrary thinking on several subjects or else risk being thrown out of school, or otherwise punished.)
My last hope to get a plane ticket to test if my passport can actually be used may end up being my Great Uncle’s org, but only as a last resort. I would ask Elon Musk or even Alex Jones before having to trust with my life anyone with a hat bigger than Abraham Lincoln’s.
JaredDubois @ Telegram - Polsci.com - May 14th, 2024
Ray McGovern: ..and, uh, people ask me why I keep wearing black. Well, it’s not only Johnny Cash. It’s my pride in wearing this shirt. ..
You brought us up to date. Okay, all we need now is some, some people with principles. Some people who care about morality and don’t like to be participants in genocide and that stuff. All we need now is people to come out of the woodwork and do the kind of things that Les Gelb and Dan Ellsberg did back in the day and show a light on all this deception that Lloyd Austin, a worthy successor to Westmoreland, and other people who do not tell the truth, and willing to send Ukrainians to the last Ukrainian, and God, God forbid, US troops as well.
So I’m sorry to carry on this long but I felt very close to that. Nobody knows this story, and it fills in a little couple of the extra things. You did it exactly right but these are additions that show how terrible the muzzling of the press, and of course it’s less worse now, and how generals lie to presidents. Presidents almost approve troops going up to China for God’s sake. That happened before, people might remember, right?
And how leaks, people who are patriots leak things like Dan Ellsberg, how they saved the day, at least for awhile. Well, (President) Johnson went to a bombing pause. It continued but at least that was a time when it could have stopped. And it didn’t.
Excerpt from Ray McGovern (for CIA) reflects on the deception of the Vietnam War
Community Church of Boston Youtube channel - May 15th, 2024

I wear the black for the poor and the beaten down

Living in the hopeless, hungry side of town

I wear it for the prisoner who is long paid for his crime

I wear the black for those who've never read

Or listened to the words that Jesus said

About the road to happiness through love and charity

Why, you'd think He's talking straight to you and me

I wear the black in mourning for the lives that could have been

Each week we lose a hundred fine young men

And I wear it for the thousands who have died

Believing that the Lord was on their side

I wear it for another hundred-thousand who have died

Believing that we all were on their side

Well, there's things that never will be right, I know

But 'til we start to make a move to make a few things right

You'll never see me wear a suit of white

Excerpt from “The Man in Black” by Johnny Cash

I wrote on Twitter/X and Telegraph recently, I am happy with the order and times I wrote what I did. When I thought a war with Iran was likely, I usually wrote something well, not that I think it ever might have made much of a difference. 2 weeks ago in a post, I did a summary of some of them in the “Turn Back Time” post. I left out “Real Men Fear Nuclear War” which was one of the best, because I covered that well in a complete repost here last year with that in the title. It should be easy to find if anyone wishes to read it.

The repost this week is the ones AGAIN from the post 2 weeks ago, my best bits about why we should not risk war with Iran, as it would turn out of control rather quickly. Given the events of today, the death of the President, now confirmed, in a helicopter accident, I figured that the repost should be the same as it was two weeks ago.

Hopefully it was an accident or malfunction. It seems unlikely when the tensions are this high. But many wish the tensions to be this high so that anything almost can become a casus belli for the larger more deadly war they crave, even lust for.

Most of the day while transcribing the quotes above, I kept checking the news, hoping that some miracle might occur and the crash might not have incurred fatalities. But that was not to be. The best one can hope for, other than that it wasn’t intentional, is that a way again can be found to keep this from becoming the wider war, which might had been the reason, quite obviously, why it would had been done if it were not simply an accident or malfunction.

In several posts last year I compared the constant provocations aimed seemingly at getting, take your pick, Russia, China, or Iran to do something which would then be used to suddenly say to our mindless extremely programmed publics, “look what they just did COMPLETELY UNPROVOKED.” Its getting old but that never stops them from trying it again and again and again.

As the quotes above show, or at least their speakers hope, the world is catching on. In some posts, I mentioned they start the clock at what to remember or think about just after doing something EXTREMELY provocative which has to be at least half-hidden or not talked about, to show what dastardly evil monsters we are up against.

I don’t mean to single out any country, but many of NATO states cannot quit verbally one-upping each other to see who’s rhetoric can be more over the top in regards to it bellicosity. Thus far at least today, from only the few snippets I heard, the winner seems to be Estonia. Its leader suggested that Russia be broken up into smaller statelets.

She is not the first to suggest it. Some leaders/foreign offices have even floated maps on how Russia should be carved up, and soon. That alone is not why I said that state has gone the furthest to my knowledge but actually saying which Russian cities they will destroy on NATO’s behalf within Russia should a war break out. They “called them”.

To any sane people who know the region, or have any brain cells whatsoever, would know, Russia would respond in kind, pretty much immediately. It is one thing for arm chair warriors to make such statements in drunken stupors, but not for officials of governments in any capacity to do such speculative bragging about which of their neighboring countries cities they will destroy if only someone would give the word.

I have been writing often about how seemingly insane France’s and the United Kingdom’s rhetoric have become towards a conflict with Russia but at least they are a deceptively seemingly some distance away, not right on the border with Russia.

Some may say it was not wise for me to touch upon the COVID mania, and stay in my lane, as if any subject is safe to say the absolute truth about without fear of retribution these days in the United States, my lane of mostly just warning for the unteenth time about how dangerous war with Iran would be. And having to even have thought about having to warn against a war with Russia or China, again also imminently avoidable, really should be an indication that to think any warning would ever be needed, certainly would show those who would consider the idea even to be too far gone to warrant the effort.

But I get bored sometimes and would not wish to die before stating something that obvious when it comes down to being “on the table” again. And it is. It already may be too late judging from the worst possible spin on todays events.

I believe some of the people I have quoted or written about might have been aware of some of these posts. That has been a good thought, though not why I do it. Some write for money and others for having people read it. When I first started writing poetry before being “beyond banned” for things I wrote, well, during the political asylum about intelligence being “fixed” and certain people being “out of the loop”, many did see my poetry and give feedback. And definitely got many letters about programs which many paid for. The writing was always free.

These things I write I hoped if timed right, might move the needle towards peace, or when already too late, might help to close the gash before things became fatal for everyone. I got into politics because often during Reagan’s years it looked like we came close to a nuclear war, and I wished if things ever got that bad again, I would not be necessarily able to stop it, but might be able to give a heads up, or a “watch out” when it looked like the driver was asleep at the wheel.

That’s been the case for a long time now and a LOT more are beginning to wake up to that disturbing fact. Whether that will help rouse the driver or finally get us a competent one who actually WISHES to avoid collisions into catastrophic consequences of unnecessary conflagrations, one can only hope. But lately I feel less like I am doing so as alone, as it has felt in the past.

The interviews I mentioned in the last post, I may not be the BEST POSSIBLE one to do, but I certainly am near the top, which is why I believe, at least prior to the assassination attempt on the Prime Minister of Slovakia, most would had said yes to doing an interview on the topic I had planned. At least in the brighter news of today, his prognosis of survival is looking up.

The more ideal interviews inside of Russia were not included in the second fundraiser description because the worsening situation in relations is getting even more extreme and getting a visa could become problem soon. I never expected the fundraiser to be successful, merely to put more focus on issues I had hoped to raise, to think of what to do after the shooting stops. How the divisions within that region might begin to heal.

As the quotes above at the top of this state, there is an increasing religious aspect to these wars. That is unfortunately something I have been aware of its potential, and have written about where this might go many years ago more than once. It is not new ground to me. Taiwan’s status, though not new as a concept to me, has reemerged as in play in ways not just potentially horrible.

I followed Hong Kong’s similar situation and though I don’t think it is 100% applicable to this issue, it is a template for what might happen. I am not stating it is any of MY business, nor the United States'. I am saying as someone who has studied similar issues, it is interesting and important. And as the events of this week show, sometimes dramatic and not boring.

Another thing some may not realize, whether to do interviews with people in Europe (and get close to actually be able to speak in person with former instructor’s to get proper recommendations if they so choose to do) or to study about East Asian politics overseas, is for me doing so is to try to be objective, even if no one believes it.

Journalism has become a joke because it is mostly propaganda. It has long been devolving and some, here and there, at least try to maintain objectivity. And in proper research on issues, one MUST try to constantly maintain some objectivity to learn anything.

Fade to Black, Blind to All the Facts; Crashing the Leibowitz vs Wolfowitz Doctrines; Kickstopped One Last Time; Ray McGovern's MICIMATT vs Paul Craig Robert's Monsters, Again "On the Table" (2)

For me, INPUT MODE does not mean not writing. It means trying to take in EVERYTHING objectively, and I do mean everything. As I have written, more than others I focus on change, what has changed, what is changing, what is about to change, and occasionally what I think thing should be changed.

But that I try to approach VERY gingerly. I am hopeful there is a way forward. Things have certainly looked bleaker before. But many things I know the potential of before they occur, and the potential way forward is there. It is easy to be critical of what you think others should do, and I do fall into that often.

Gaza is something which shows on a daily basis, not only by who is doing what, and who is being done unto, but how the whole world, mostly, is unfazed or not bothered enough to demand change. I know change WILL come, and will come very soon. The situation in not stable and unstable things lead to dramatic change.

If the helicopter crash today was know accident, it is clear what change or which changes those responsible hope things will change. Will the rest of humanity which will then undoubtedly also suffer get a vote? Would their opinions be heard or make any difference to the powers that be?

Someday that too will change for the better. That is up to you who may read this. I usually try my best, those times when I think the time is right to try. And if I am writing again, for me that time is now. What others do to help or hinder that, or set there own course, that’s up to you, and them. To stand up, or lie down, possibly this time for good.

Again this repost is only from 2 weeks ago. I did not put in the title and the 3 or so people who probably saw it did not scroll down enough to see it. In addition to the warnings, normally written was the Monster Mash mashup. While the video based on Ray McGovern’s term MICIMATT (not going to say what that means, its late and said it plenty of times before, plus its in the dictionary now so I don’t have to) is ok, I found a better one for the bonus video at the bottom. It was technically meant to warn against or show how people kept bringing up nuking Iran or at least putting it “on the table” was not limited to the Republican’s like “bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran” McCain. As the title said, Dems Monster Too. And unfortunately still do.


For Two Soldiers

6/7/07 - 5:43 AM

While I had that dream, fretted about going or not going to one funeral, many more ships were on their way to the Persian Gulf.

The buildup for the War with Iran was underway then, as it is now, but of course, almost no one in our government, Democrat nor Republican, will say that was what the 'surge' was really about.

Nor will they say Iran may or may not be interested in having nuclear weapons because we have attacked and invaded and now occupy with large armies countries on both sides of them, against international law, against the publics in those countries wishes (all the self-serving propaganda 'they will/did welcome us as liberators' bullsh*t notwithstanding).

And have been threatening to do the same to them, and to nuke them no less if we feel like it.

Many Americans are completely without reason on this point. It is so beyond the pale of what they can consider possible that they wander around in a dream-like state much as people in mental hospitals who shut out anything that is upsetting and live in their own dream world.

“How dare Russia use energy to gain influence over countries!”

This in regards to withholding subsidies and lower prices to countries they do not like and making them pay market prices.

Now compare that to threatening to invade, take over, conduct terrorist operations in, and if that doesn't work, to nuke them if necessary to prevent others from gaining weapons you not only have, but have thousands of, illegally because the very treaty you accuse them of breaking says you were supposed to be disarming and instead, you are openly talking about building thousands more!

But hey, no irony there. Just put your fingers in your ears, and join up for Bush's delusional reality about how we are “saving” people by the same things others are advocating that will inevitably not only destroy our army but commit a genocide of the people we tell ourselves we are trying to help.

But that will be another “accidental” genocide, unavoidable, and basically all their fault because they cannot understand “democracy” or how we are trying to “help” them.

Since no doubt we have lost the ability to reason completely, our politicians quake with the fear that if they actually tried to stop what they are doing to our young people who do not belong there and know more than anyone else, how unwelcome they are there, that if they ended the insanity and brought them home, they would suffer criticism they cannot or would not successfully deflect of “not being supportive of the troops.”

The truth is that any letup in the insanity would enable people to take note of where they are and where they are going, thus all the more reason we are likely to repeat our mistakes again and again as quickly and often as possible while Bush remains in office. Iran, Syria, Venezuela, take your pick.

We, a country violating international laws left and right with more weapons of mass destruction than all of the rest of the world put together, invading and occupying countries against the will of their peoples because they theoretically might pose a threat to us someday gives us license to kill large numbers of their citizens today and are only seeking to 'defend' ourselves from a country that has not initiated a war or invaded anyone in centuries.

And this because our people have been told how horrible it would be if they acquired a level of technology, because they are a Muslim country, that our “ally” Pakistan, another Muslim country already has, which already can be and has been exported by them to other countries without us threatening to bomb them, possibly because they could do something about it.

Yet this is what we will 'save' the world from by taking out Iran, from a Muslim country getting the bomb.

As if Iran could ever be a threat to us militarily. The point is that they would be able to defend themselves against us in a short while, and that is really what the new war and new rush to war is to silence.

None will speak to this in our government. Our military, though they know better, hold to rules which say that it is not their province and must bow to 'civilian' governance even though that 'civilian' government is now more openly than ever talking about the conditions it would take, far from unusual or unexpected, to shut down the federal government completely and put it under executive control.

As if that has not happened yet already. That war is already over except for the shouting.


The Truth Is Never Off-the-table In Any Redeemable Society

7/13/07 - 12:02 PM

... I have seen countless reasons why and how the police and courts have been used now to target people for investigations who have been deemed inconvenient to powerful people or interests, and once the police become used as a weapon, you no longer have any semblance of living in a fair and just society.

(I see something you bought used may or may not have been stolen, You may or may not have known that email attachment / download link may have let to illegal software or other material (easiest way someone can be set up or to scare the sh*t out them just with spam because even trying to erase it can be a crime) (I was in Florida when a judge blew his brains out in his office when arrested for p*rnography legal in most of Florida except for his town, gotta love Florida’s sense of “justice” and “morality”), Voters on your list may have given false names / false addresses (especially those non-entities called homeless people who rank right up there with felons) and your candidate / employee / volunteer may or may not have known about it, Your article / post may or may not have incited or may or may not possibly incite someone to commit a crime if it was critical of the government / President / police / courts, XYZ Corporation, a millionaire billionaire, rich people in general, anyone powerful in general, etc. and been read by someone prior to committing a crime, and everyone’s favorite reason for a criminal investigation, You might have lied about cheating on your wife).

Once investigations of ANYONE can be launched on spurious grounds because of questionable reasons, once selective enforcement of laws is used to political ends, or powerful or rich people are excluded because they are more able to fight back and have the dubious nature of why they were targeted exposed, or have connections which would make such charges or sentences go away later, you do not have a country or legal system which is not ultimately controlled by a gang of criminals.

There were two things relevant to this which I learned from studying Russia and the Soviet Union recently in the former Soviet Union. One of which is how the Communists took control of Eastern Europe.

Most Americans like to think it was violently, though force and the threat of force were obviously factors. Unlike Iraq or Afghanistan, the occupation forces in Eastern Europe were already on the ground and in their countries.

A compromise was worked out with the newly reconstituted governments, through intimidation but “legal” that because a significant number of the people were legitimately Communists, and since the Soviets were there, that a power sharing arrangement would be worked out.

“Just give us control of the police,” was basically what was requested. With that, obviously, they were able to steal everything else. A few questionable elections later, and low and behold, everything was safely in their hands.

Another is how criminals now outsource their protection enforcement to the police. Why kill someone or try to destroy their lives if the cross / displease you when you have a corrupted legal system which will not only do it for you, but which includes its built-in insurance against police questioning? It is the ultimate criminal one-stop-shopping.

When innocent people routinely die in jail awaiting trial on obviously set-up or bogus charges, or when merely the threat of being charged with a specific crime is so damaging to ones life or would devastate their families financially.

And when asking the police for help is basically dealing with the same loose knit organization of cooperative actors, criminals and police and politicians are all on the same page and profit from the same convergence of interests.

But that is Russia, you might say. Big Bad Scary Russia. That could never happen in the good ol’ US of A! People have a sense that the attorney scandal was the tip of a greater manipulation of the legal system.

Some even suspect that it could be part of an overall strategy that includes illegal wiretaps and databases that log all phone and computer activity cross-referenced by things like race and voter affiliation.

But say how these leaked blatantly illegal programs still ongoing might fit together and not be just a happenstance string of random “bad apples” and still yet, though far more probable that just being “accidental coincidences” and you will still be written off as a “conspiracy theorist”.

There is a pattern to what is going on now in terms of illegal activity specifically directed at key people, and the US attorney scandal, the “Terrorist Surveillance Program,” (aka the felonious illegal wiretapping at the direction of the President program)

And others which were leaked BY THE PEOPLE DOING THEM who were chosen for their LOYALTY TO BE TRUSTED WITH THE KNOWLEDGE OF THEM because it was inconceivable that they would leak such information because of political and psychological profiling, they are the least of which could be uncovered by any uncorrupted legal system. Unfortunately, we know we don’t have one.

“Obstruction of an investigation” is no longer a crime if done by the right people. “Blackmail” is no longer a crime if done by the right people.

Countless other crimes, can be, are, and will be excused if done in the name of covering up other crimes done by the Executive branch or any other actors they have contracted to do things on their behalf if contrary to the law and/or Constitution.

The commuted sentence of “Scooter” Libby was a message just like a Mafia hit is meant to send a message. Cross us and there is no means to which we will not go to cover our tracks.

I had mentioned in the previous post how the former Speaker of the House considered Alberto Gonzales’s actions amounting to blackmail or intimidation.

People have recently alleged that the Vice-President’s office has been trying to blackmail or “pressure” not only members of Congress and their staffs, but members of the President’s staff as well.

The level of criminality festering under the surface is incalculable while instead of creating the means for these crimes to be exposed, quite the opposite is occurring and new means are being devised everyday to retaliate and new threats of retaliation upon those who might wish to try to come forward.

They not only would be abandoned by a President who would otherwise be their saving grace for crimes they did at his direction, but they risk being set up for things they did not do, or have to fight false allegations they know or fear, with overwhelming reason, would be thrown at them by the police or by the press, depending upon their level of importance and visibility.

I said in RCP2 that things are changing, and they are. Ground has been given to letting out the truth.

And if it were not for many brave people who have been willing to put their lives and careers on the line against the machinery of their own government and police being co-opted and used to illegal ends and to cover up illegal activities by the heads of their own agencies and of the Executive Branch, and I am certainly not one to say it has not been enough.

You cannot ask people to do what you know will bring the wrath of illegal retaliation against them for speaking out and doing what is right, and that ultimately they are correct by almost every rational view for remaining silent.

For me, I had a glimpse of where that road leads, of where remaining silent will take us. If others cannot see it, or pretend not to, that is ultimately their matters alone.

For that reason, I will not say that the “Family Jewels” was not enough. It was something, and something is always better than nothing, which was what we had before, and reason to think would always in the near future be the case.

But something far darker is on the horizon and I must now venture into the Iranian topic.

During the Cold War, it was convenient that if the world was destroyed, no one would know who was to blame. It made it all so nice and simple.

If anyone would be thought to be responsible for an Armageddon that could be trigger by simply a computer error or human error, most around the world would have assumed it was the Soviet Union, at least by the West, which to most in the West, IS the world.

Now the tables have turned, and for good reason. Most the world outside of America knows the US has been launching wars of aggression which our own Nuremberg lawyers have said were no different than Germany or Russia’s illegal invasions.

But Americans, those who bother to care share the President’s same contempt for International Law. Why should we be “bound” by what may not be in “our nation’s” best interests?

But far more damning to me as far as tracing back to now what may be what our own intelligence services have repeatedly warned the President and leaked, would be “uncontainable catastrophic consequences,”that being if we were to attack Iran on behalf of Israel, the Neocons, or whatever other group or person might think that to be a swell idea.

That would be far worse than the killings of potentially hundreds of thousands of civilians in Iraq, or even that we do not allow or enable the counting of civilian losses there by our actions, because this one is being done in this more open time after more has been exposed of our criminality.

And its what even one of our top generals described as a “government run like a Mafia,” with not only the blessing of Congress, not via disinformation doled out to the uncritical press spouting press releases as God’ to Moses divined truths, but the most heinous willful ignorance by both political parties.

I am speaking of the condemnation by Congress of Iran for a statement by its President accusing him of inciting genocide against Israel based upon a translation known to be potentially, completely, mistranslated.

This was just one of a PR campaign designed to soften the American public up to approving a bombing campaign or war with Iran, but by far a telling one.

Both parties prevented a potentially more accurate translation which instead called for regime change in Israel, not exactly friendly either, but no less than what we have done repeated recently in regards to many countries around the world.

Say one of them accused us erroneously as using that statement to say we were advocating genocide, and prevented, as our wonderful and just Congress did, from even allowing an expert translation approved by that countries most prestigious newspaper, from even being read into the record in its Congress or Parliament.

NO EVIDENCE to the contrary to claims they could not have know to be possibly without merit on an accusation tantamount to a declaration of war, or to use as evidence to justify one!

How much more close could any country be to saying the truth does not matter?

That we will do the most grave and serious things, up to and including actions that will cause thousands of innocent deaths, based upon faulty and questionable “evidence” which we will not even allow to have contrary verifiable evidence be submitted into record by our legislators, even if it is accepted as potentially true by a press always sympathetic to misinformation the other way.

For them, even that bending of reality was too much. For our Congress, it was just fine and completely unquestionable, regardless of its accuracy.

They have learned much from the President, and we as a country have learned nothing yet from the last 6 years of how the truth has taken a backseat to police, press, politicians, and pundits who can be pressed and made to dance like marionettes to things everyone knows to be based upon lies and political manipulations, yet no one is allowed to complain about safely.

Yet what or who is really safe in such an environment?


Kangaroo Congress in Contempt: Decider alone "shall" be "serious"

7/28/07 - 7:38 AM

I have pointed now for years the precipice we are upon. It has been the military which has leaked the greatest amount of information on the criminal wrongdoing by this administration.

It is under grave situations like this that the military will ultimately decide whether impeachment will be “allowed” if Bush should declare that during a time of war, he is the sole “decider” and that his generals would have to decided, whether their oaths to uphold the Constitution were not just blowing hot air.

And, as former CIA analyst Roy McGovern and others have pointed out, a President under indictment with the possibility of soon being removed from office would give the military reason to not uphold illegal orders to start provocative action or begin to escalate current conflicts or begin new conflicts to save one sorry leaders ass.

Impeachment would be the legal cover they would need to stop what they know has been a political war of choice, and they might be able to prevent another one they have, against their better judgment, been told to prepare for in Iran.

Many have open worried that the US is moving toward a military dictatorship model or that we have already become one.

That would be true if Congress does not begin impeachment hearings, far less than if it did attempt to begin impeachment and they were stopped from doing so by the courts or the military from exercising their sole remaining potential to stop the madness before a new wider war begins or spreads at Bush's “discretion”.

That is because if no veneer or illusion that democratic institutions remained after they have overwhelmingly now would have proven they have ceased to function.

It would be far easier for Bush to removed via the military's own competency rules, should he indeed be then the sole “elected decider.” A dictatorship exposed as such is far easier to topple than one that hides behind a puppet legislature.

Not only that, but Congress would be complicit in the deaths of all who might die due to a Gulf of Token type incident for failing to respond to that threat which has been pointed out relentless to them as of late as a real possibility.

The US, democracy, liberty, and our military are now dying a slow death, and Congress seems content to due little else besides non-binding resolutions, meaningless censures and contempt charges that will be openly ignored by an administration that not only holds the President above the law, but anyone he that works for he or that he designates too is above the law, and that all rights under the Constitution given to anyone else, he can revoke at his discretion. ...

People have come forward against this administration's wrongdoing and it may as well have been to a firing squad.

The press has been threatened when doing its job correctly, uncovering illegal programs, and other times has been rewarded for raking over the coals anyone who profoundly displeased the administration.

Whistle-blowers against Bush have been told to go to hell by the Supreme Court.


The World We Inherited, The World We Will Leave Behind

9/4/07 - 8:15 PM

It has been over two years now that I have been concerned and written about what was conveyed to me as the very real possibility of a massive, deadly, and mortally self-inflicted wound not only upon Iran but on the US as well, by our own leadership purposely endangering ourselves exponentially in a suicidal overreach.

On this and my previous blog, I have wasted many words on the subject. Now that that moment is soon approaching and the rest of the world is finally catching on, it seems more and more unlikely.

I am neither giving in to making predictions nor odds-making (and certainly not with something now considered the safest of bets). I have problems with both. Most predictions are self-fulfilling and odds in hindsight are nothing more than attempted fortune telling.

Things either happen or they don't, or if you view time the way I do, they do and they don't happen. The question is which you will get to see played out.

This is not the general view of time at this time, but quantum physicists are working on changing that, and if you doubt their influence, remember they are of the profession which brought us to the brink of the precipice of the dangers that this speculated confrontation will unleash.

Slowly at first, but without breaks if that particular genie is let out of the bottle. That is not a prediction, that is an inevitably if that route is chosen.


RCP and Two Years After, the Very Changed World Continues

11/4/07 - 5:34 PM

Was there any point or effect to writing RCP? Outside of my own life, I cannot gauge and no one has yet claimed otherwise, it made little if any difference. The timing of lots of things, some still yet to happen, sure seemed to have gotten changed around.

For me, after a nasty bit, there was no gigantic retribution for having done so, the greatest threat to Low Fruit. But then yet there are always every day endless new potentials for other yet-to-be invented new shoes which might drop, so all I know that it did for me was to open up a little space in time where I could write a little while longer.

Constitution Cola, the second one I mention above, was written out of anger. It was passionate, and was very well done, but that I can pretty much say had no effect whatsoever. It inspired no one. It made no difference to have written it, but it made me feel better.

The anger was in at the Supreme Court’s throwing up a blockade against whistleblowers against Bush/Cheney. Not that the Republican and then Democratic Congresses where not all too eager to join them and make all the bad accusations of "crimes" go away and make the "crimes" not even crimes anymore.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales had at that time recently been accused of blackmail by the Speaker of the House Dennis Hassert, a Republican no less, and the mainstream Press, the veritable Fourth Estate of government, the safeguard of Democracy, well they just sort of yawned.

Well, maybe they just knew they only had left their right to remain silent because he had just also warned/threatened reporters that he would arrest them if they pursued the illegal wiretapping program allegations, or any other ongoing illegal programs.

And not too subtly let it be known their cell phones, among other things, had been tapped all along.

The third thing I mentioned that I am most proud of, and will include an excerpt of below, is "When I Think I Might Never See Hawaii Again."

It was good, it was from the heart, and it was trying to imbue a perspective that our glorious leadership cannot for the life of them fathom, what if this is all there is? What if they never see their hometowns again, their children again?

For people (Congress) supposedly reacting out of constant fear thrown at them, fear of their constituents thinking they are weak, fear of a right wing press that even Republican lawmakers admit being terrorized by, fear of terrorist attacks, but seemingly completely without fear of handing over every last scrap of power the mythical magical wondrous "Founders" gave to their positions and legislative bodies.

Seemingly their jobs now are to tear the Constitution to shreds, put little pieces of it into things called "bills" to send to the President so he can veto them and make its destruction, piece by piece, the new law of the land.

Habeas Corpus? (The right to some sort of charge and a trial before being imprisoned (and tortured), not even now, "indefinitely") A bill, not a writ, not a "self-evident right," or according the Attorney General, not even a right at all.

Congressional approval needed to attack Iran? A Constitutional mandate or directive, and a foundation of our Republic?

No, sing it from School House Rock, "I’m just a bill, a little ol’ bill, but I might be a law, … someday." Smack down veto threat, and little ol’ bill (and Separation of Powers) goes away.

Not today thank you, can’t tie his hands. Can’t let a Declaration of War make the world an unambiguous place without undeclared wars, unrecognized occupations, and unmentionable, literally, US war crimes.

The fear that motivates Congress and America these days is not even good fear.

What are good fears you ask?

Good fears make you act to eliminate what you are afraid of. Common sense you cannot eliminate terrorists if terrorists can become anyone or anyone can become a terrorist.

You cannot spy on everyone all of the time (though they will make a ton of money trying), you cannot control every country’s government (though they will kill a lot of people trying), and you cannot make everyone afraid of your weapons, not even while you are using them on people.

You can, when you are done with an orgy of death, that attempt at making the world submit to your non-existent authority, ditch the fear by trying to make peace with them. That is how you kill fear, at the source.

The source of fear is not people. The source is, as many have countlessly said before, and will say later, fear is created by what you do not, cannot, and choose not, to understand or acknowledge.

The fear we have is real and warranted because somewhere, in the back of our minds, we as a nation are aware of the truth of the terrors we are giving the world while claiming we do not see it ourselves.

The greatest fears we have, and rarely as Americans will we admit, is that our fears are justified.

That just because our Washington Press buys the fact that if the White House does not admit something, it never happened, or is left in a less-defined gray zone between what is real and what is not.

That there are things we are doing now, things we are responsible for, which we should not, but will not doing stop either. And that it will come back to haunt us if it is not already on the way.

Waking up and confronting THAT fear, that good fear, that can inspire people to wake up and do something to counter it, that is always just around the corner.


Giant sucking sound of loss of potential in headwinds: An open road or wind gone out of sails

2/1/09 - 12:38 AM

The timing and effects of the invasion of Iraq coincided with a change of direction of my own life, getting back to basics more than a new direction, and constant attempting at outgrowing how I saw things before.

So much time did I spend writing and thinking in opposition to what I thought was going wrong, it was impossible not to let it redefine me, for better or worse, in opposition to what I saw as negatives.

And this pushed me more than I thought wise or prudent, or ever would have wanted without such goings on in the world damaging what I saw as the best potentials the future could have.

And an Iranian War of 2006, 2007, or 2008 was just beyond belief in arrogance and stupidity. When I got wind or believed it was not going to happen, I decided to wind down my writing as that potential conflict was a huge part of the reason for my writing, not that I think my writing would, could, or did have much impact.

But it was a reflection of events going on in the world on why I felt the need or desire to write. Everyone is created and defined by external events to react to, with, or against.


Homeless on Russia's door and Hawaii- When basic understandings of good faith go out the window

10/16/17 - 12:29 AM

What may have very much pissed off the intelligence services I seemed to have gone against, not that I saw it that way, was that I ended up in less than a year given a low-stress no-stress job doing a lot of nothing in Hawaii.

Granted it was at extremely low pay for the local government, but compared to the stresses at that time, it was welcome to have very little to do for 9 years or so.

Granted at the end of that time it was no picnic but most certainly in 2005, I doubt anyone would have seen it going in that direction. As good as I am sometimes at knowing about things before they happen, to see anything that good in my future then, if I had, I would never had believed it. And yes, I got to ride my bike in Hawaii. A LOT!

While the whole political asylum thing had its positive points of things I am proud to have done, and its negatives which are not so good, on the whole, I was glad I took that route through the game of life. I can be more proud of things that I did after that.

Going on for years about the dangers of a War with Iran which ended up a part of that time, and it was something I did not drop as soon as it looked like my own situation had improved. It showed what I had done and was doing wasn't all about self-preservation.

I really was doing things because I thought they needed to be done. TruthRevival.org was a way to continue that course for awhile.

And really I did not stop writing about it over and over again until the honest intelligence assessment/finding (a REAL one by ALL agencies, not the hand picked few investigators from a few agencies with the Trump/Russia election allegations which was wrongly and widely attributed to "ALL 17" intelligence agencies) in the summer of 2007, that Iran had long abandoned its nuclear program.

Only after that did I ease up and begin to enjoy things a little more.

I can be more proud that I kept Polsci.com up, a light on so to speak, for many years through some extremely bad economic times when it was hard to pay for web hosting.

It kept a record of all that had gone on prior to that time which lead to this web site, and it expanded to include posts from TruthRevival.org as well.

I am also proud that no sort of deal was ever made.


Open Letter to President Trump on Congressional Crisis, Iran, Putin, Russiagate, Chalmers Johnson, and my Father

DECEMBER 28, 2019

I have studied government for many years and understand that in a Democracy, it is important for different opposing groups to have representation and that the best course of action is often a compromise, though not always, and decisions made are best vetted by a thorough earnest debate among available possible courses of action.

Obviously, like any ideal, this is rarely manifested in reality or day to day actions. My own candidacy for State Senate in Hawaii, was to bring attention to the lack of this ideal or reality of a working democracy in existence in Hawaii due to the imbalance in the makeup of State Legislature in both branches.

With a roughly 95% majority by the Democratic Party in both Houses in every legislative session, there is no real meaningful debate when each committee can simply rubber-stamp anything on a party-line vote with only token debate.

Everything is often pre-decided well before going through the motions of having votes when the passage is never in doubt. It is always worked out in advance of voting.

There is much to be said toward having a real enough opposition, which actually represents opposing policies or views, so that one party or group cannot automatically prevail on every issue or people will begin to lose faith that their government is coming to decisions through a rigorous consideration of alternatives.

Otherwise it often leads to corruption and what you have termed "The Swamp".

Another thing which prevents this is the bureaucracy itself. Changing government policy even when all involved know it is failing badly is often put off or worse, barely attempted because of the inertia of going against the grain of accepted traditions of how issues should be addressed, often going back years or decades.

The need for career employees and supposed "experts" who are put in by different parties or interest groups, meant to be "above politics" is real.

Yet these people can be the most partisan and cannot be removed from their jobs easily due to the assumption that they always will do their jobs in an objective non-partisan way.

Again an ideal of how government works which has little basis in reality on how it works day-to-day.

I am writing this out of fear. Fear is a very good motivator though it can cloud one's judgment.

I am writing, as I often have for 15 years now, that a new war will begin to be waged in the Middle-East, particularly against Iran.

I am writing as I did well before John McCain gave his "Bomb-bomb-bomb, bomb bomb Iran" quote/clip. I have had mixed opinions about the late Senator from Arizona.

Having worked for a Democratic Senator from what Republican's like to have called back then "The People's Republic of Massachusetts," when in Washington D.C. after my internship ended, I applied to only a handful of Republican Senators because I did not think those applications would get as much consideration.

Two I remember applying to were McCain and Senator Bob Dole.

When I heard McCain's often played video clip, I heard a different interpretation of what he was saying than has commonly been construed.

It sounded like he was mocking the idea that has often been prevalent in Washington, almost constantly, for decades.

It is always coming up because certain people seeming cannot wait or are eager for such a war to occur, like your former National Security Advisor, John Bolton.

The decision to hire Mr. Bolton I have to admit, I considered among your most questionable appointments. The only silver lining I saw in it was that was not to the Secretary of State position.

That being said, I would have loved (and I am sure hundreds of millions of people around the world would have been willing to buy tickets for it) to have seen the moment you canned his ass.

But my fear of a War with Iran suddenly becoming a reality is not based on someone like John Bolton suggesting it, or even manipulating it into happening leaving you no other option. A mouse-trapping you into War leaving you with no other options.


I have written before many times about the politicization of the State Department almost becoming a second War Department to vie with the Defense Department.

In some ways in the last few decades the State Department has been more eager to push for War than diplomacy or the pursuit of peaceful alternatives to war, often less costly financially in terms of dollars and respect, and always less costly on a human and humanitarian basis.

The reason I have been so fearful of a War with Iran is that I do not believe, as many in the former pre-neocon based State Department also would agree, that it is a war which can or could be easily contained.

It would automatically trigger region-wide chaos before anyone could react, and could also go nuclear and involve a dangerous number of well-armed countries with various weapons of mass destruction.

Specifically, my fear is that once there is even a modest "limited-strike" upon Iran, often discussed as a positive option in the "Mainstream Media," it would be followed by a real or false-flag attack on an Israeli nuclear facility or reactor.

Such civilian fallout and casualties would then be used to push for a nuclear strike within Iran. This is not wild speculation. This is a contingency which is often mentioned and considered as a viable, and to some, appropriate response.


My fear about an upcoming War with Iran is not based primarily on the effects of that war on the Iranian people, though that is obviously worth consideration, nor just the effects on our own military people and readiness to fight a far more unavoidable war should one occur simultaneously or shortly there after. if such a war would come to an end in an expedient time-frame.

Given Afghanistan is a far smaller less populated and less militarily equipped country, and the war there is still going on a generation later, our longest war by far, there is no guarantee than one could say when such an endeavor against Iran might end.

What my fear about a War with Iran IS based on besides that it could trigger a larger region-wide war, and no country, not even the US, has the power to prevent that possibility from occurring one the conflict begins, is what types of C.o.G. plans and Patriot Act III & IV's are waiting patiently in the wings.

(Or not so patiently because the Dick Cheneys and John Boltons of the world know about them and even contributed to their existence or shape) for the chance to be taken off the shelf and be put into implementation.

That is the problem with thinking the unthinkable too often and putting the most paranoid and war-loving people in charge of planning for such contingencies because they are often done in secret with limited internal debate and direction from those not particularly invested in their implementation.

At some point they move from being a last-case scenario, to being something less unthinkable as time goes on.

And eventually, become a profitable endeavor when done right and knowing in advance what industries and companies will be favored once they do go into effect.


The irony is that such peace talks are not needed with Russia and China, nearly so much as within the United States government itself.

Our current relations with China, and especially Russia (the former USSR's main entity) which I have studied most of all, are difficult and extremely challenging, but far from irresolvable.

They are ready to, as you would say, "make deals." More than ready even. Eager to get on with resolving these disputes.

Putin, who was in office when I first went back to University in the former Soviet Union 16 years ago, is still in office now.

Like Iran waited for years under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to commit the United States to even discuss agreement while they were they were most eager to come to the table and discuss any possible resolution, so too has Russia been waiting.

It was the US that put conditions on the talks that made even a discussion, let alone a potential for an agreement, with Iran to never be possible.

Paul Craig Roberts Unglued: Dems Monster Too

Truthrevival.org -June 9th, 2007

Normally I look forward to Paul Craig Roberts articles as I mentioned before, as having shown courage, but now, I fear he is going senile. How old is he again?

From Counterpunch.org June 8, 2007...

"All of the leading Republican presidential candidates openly and nonchalantly endorsed using nuclear weapons against Iran unless Iran abandons its right to enrich uranium under the non-proliferation treaty, to which Iran is a signatory (unlike nuclear-armed Israel, India, and US puppet Pakistan).

What is moral degeneracy if it is not using nuclear weapons to murder masses of innocent civilians and spread deadly radioactivity over vast areas merely in order to force a country to do as we order? If this isn't barbarism, what is barbarism?

Do the American people realize that the frontrunners for the Republican presidential nomination are monsters who want to murder people who have done us no harm?... how can Republicanscheer for candidates who preach a wider war and the use of nuclear weapons against defenseless people?

Is the approval lavished on Republican presidential candidates, who are willing to use nuclear weapons as means of terrorizing Muslim peoples, an indication that that the American people have morphed into inhuman monsters?"

Has he so quickly forgotten the Democrats recent bending over backwards to show their less than lack of spine when it comes to our nations security? Yes, they may cave on just about every other issue, but when it comes to protecting America, they can get down, swing, and jump jive with any Red Stater. Hit it Boris...

"I was working in the lab late one night, when my eyes beheld an eerie sight..."

"And I got to tell you, after standing up with them, some of these people frightenme -- they frighten me. When you have mainline (Democratic) candidates that turn around and say that there's nothing off the table with respect to Iran, that's code for using nukes, nuclear devices."

(Senator Mike Gravel, Democratic Debate 4/26/07)

"For my monster from his slab began to rise and suddenly to my surprise..."

"we need to keep all options on the table."

"He did the mash"

"Let me reiterate—all options.” - John Edwards

"He did the monster mash"

"no option can be taken off the table." - Hillary Clinton

"It caught on in a (nuclear) flash"

"we should take no option ... off the table." - Barack Obama

"They did the monster mash"

"We need to use every tool about our disposal including … the threat and use of military force." - Hillary Clinton

"It was a graveyard smash"

"Let me reiterate—all options.”

"It's now the monster mash"

"Nothings off the table except peaches" - Creator

(Sorry for the last bit. Thank you Bobby "Boris" Pickett for the song,"The Monster Mash" quoted above in green. Rest In Peace (4/25/07) (and hope we can learn to Live In Peace)

And now for the bonus video, The Man in Black himself singing his trademark song for the very first time in public (off of cue cards!)

Fade to Black, Blind to All the Facts; Crashing the Leibowitz vs Wolfowitz Doctrines; Kickstopped One Last Time; Ray McGovern's MICIMATT vs Paul Craig Robert's Monsters, Again "On the Table" (2024)
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