LVO 2024 – All The Info You Need To Know - (2024)

Hey everyone! LVO 2024 is just a few days away!!! We are super excited to have you all on board! This year will be the biggest LVO ever, with attendees coming in from around the world!

Here is all the important info regarding the LVO. From what time to breakfast opens, to the location of each event and hobby showcase!

Quick Links: LVO Map, Event Schedule (with links to each packet), LVO Website (for links to cosplay contest, scavenger hunt, vendor hall + more)

Registration/Check In:

Before arrival to the LVO, please make sure to have your QR codes ready so you can quickly get the correlating swag for the various events you are participating in, any items that are included in packages you may have purchased, and your con badge to enter the LVO.These QR codes will be emailed to the email account used to make the purchased through the Frontline Gaming website. If you did not get your QR code email or if you are having trouble downloading it, then please use THIS LINK to get your QR code. If you are still unable to find the QR code, then please bring a printout of your order confirmation email so we can assist you.

***Special note for events using BCP***

If you are playing the 40K Champs, 40K Friendly, 40K Long War Doubles, or the AoS Champs please make sure to check in on the BCP app up to 24 hours before the event. You should be checked in to BCP before you enter the hall so that pairing can go live ASAP and we can begin round 1 on time.

The LVO Registration Line is comprised of several lines designed to optimize the flow and speed up the process. Please pay careful attention and make sure to position yourself in the correct line. There will be several staff to assist you if have questions.

VIP LINE (red): This is for anyone who has a High Roller Package, Masterclass Workshop Ticket, Vanguard Tactics Workshop Ticket or is the designated person on a club/team using a Club Pass. Please go straight to the front of the line and our staff will direct you to the VIP desk.

MERCH/PACKAGE LINE (green): This is for anyone that who has a ticket package or has preordered items. Please stay to the left side when entering.

CON BADGE ONLY LINE (blue):This is for anyone who JUST ordered a convention badge and nothing else. This line will not hand out any preorders or items included with a package. Please stay to the right side when entering.

The App

Yes. We too have an app that we are proud to have for the first time ever at LVO! The LVO is simply massive, so having everything consolidated into one app will make your experience that much better!

This feature-rich app provides comprehensive access to essential event information, including detailed maps, schedules, and player packs. Stay seamlessly connected with real-time updates, ensuring you’re in the know about last-minute changes and exclusive announcements. ***Please note this app is currently only available to the USA at this time. If you have trouble downloading the mobile app, you can access the browser based app by clicking the Mobile Browser App button.


3 Rules that will be strictly enforced:

Con Badge

You must have a con badge (in the form of a silicon bracelet) worn and visible at all times when at the LVO. No one will be allowed to enter the hall if they do not have a con badge. Event tickets allow you to play in an event, but you must also have a con badge. You can pick up your con badge at the front registration desk at the event, but we highly encourage everyone to preorder their con badge from our website so you do not hold up the line.

No Outside Food or Drink

The RIO has informed us that they will be closely monitoring this. Please respect the RIO’s rules.They WILL STOP you at the front entrance if they see you trying to bring food in to the convention space. A water bottle (filled with water) is ok though.

Be Respectful

People are coming in from around the world to attend the LVO and nobody wants their experience tarnished by a jerk of an opponent. Please also treat the judges and TOs with the same respect you want them to have for yourself. They are the true saints of the LVO and work miracles to help make this thing happen. And finally, please remember we are all guests of the RIO so lets not trash the place- when done with your food, toss it out please. After a game, please tuck your chair back under the table. Thanks!!!

Hall Location:

All events and the exhibitor hall are located in the Rio Conference Center which can easily be accessed from the main RIO Resort following the Convention Way passage that is near the entrance to the pool.

HERE is a map showing how to get to the LVO from the RIO.


The LVO will be open to the public from 7:30AM to 8:30PM on Friday-Sunday, with some game systems lasting longer or have special circ*mstances to extend their hours later into the evening. But security may not let people in the hall after 9:30PM outside of After Hours on Friday. PLEASE note while the front entrance with breakfast will be open at 7:30AM the ballrooms/event halls, exhibitor hall and the main registration desk will not be open till 8AM.

The Exhibitor Hall where The Army Painter sponsored repair station is, along with the demo area is open from 8AM to 7PM* Friday and Saturday, and 8AM to 4PM on Sunday. (*several vendors may close by 6PM)

Grab and Go Breakfast is located in the main entrance Rotunda by registration and will be open from 7:30AM-11:30AM. Coffee and a breakfast sandwiches will be on hand for you to grab something before round 1. This was super popular in 2023 as the food was good and the line was short. Protip: It is cheaper and faster than getting anything in the resort!

Lunch is located adjacent to the Exhibitor Hall from 11:30AM-3:30PM. After 3:30PM there will no longer be food sold in the hall, so make sure to grab lunch before. There is an assortment of items to pick from typically including chicken tenders and sandwiches.

Bars are located just outside the Exhibitor Hall, inside the RIO Pavilion (40K hall) and inside the Amazon Hall (AoS Champs, MCP + more) and will be open from 11AM-7PM.

Event Swag:

Some events have partnered with various companies and sponsors and have been part of the FLG Events circuit for all of the 2023 season, so the participants of these events will receive swag. Only ONE item per player may be provided. People cannot pick up something to hand to their friend or bring home an item for someone not in attendance (unless the TO approves of it). We just do not have extras and things like the FLG Challenge Coins that certain events earn are designed purely for players in attendance.

A fun addition for 2024, several community members will be roaming the halls randomly handing out cool stuff to people rocking epic armies or simply being awesome sports. An example is the staff from Gamers Grass , who will giving away tufts all weekend long as they roam LVO looking for armies that stand out!

LVO 2024 is going to have the first tournaments that earn you Frontline Gaming Achievement Dice!!!

You can unlock these special edition dice through your accomplishments during certain tournaments at the LVO. Think of these as Boy Scout merit badges or video game “achievements,” but in the form of dice.

There are several different achievements you can do to earn these dice. Each achievement has its own bespoke die. Every time that a judge at a tournament determines that you have accomplished one of these achievements, you will earn a die for it, so you can work towards a full set.

These ultra premium dice are custom made exclusively for Frontline Gaming byBaron of Dice, the leading manufacture specializing in quality tabletop wargaming dice! The dice feature a matte finish, squared off edges, and are engraved with gold pips and logos on the “6” side. To learn more about Achievement Dice, please see HERE.

Cosplay Contest #LVO2024:

At Frontline Gaming, we believe characterful cosplayers should be rewarded, especially at the LVO! Come to the LVO in a sweet costume and visit the front registration desk between 10AM and 6PM each and we will try to find some cool swag just for you. More importantly, for 2024 we have a dedicated cosplay contest with its own epic prize. The main contest is Saturday at 6PM outside of the Exhibitor Hall. There are a few different ways to win and partake. To learn more about the Cosplay Contest (as a participant or attendee) please visit HERE

Scavenger Hunt #LVO2024:

Take some photos, have some fun, and win a prize!

How to play:

For each of the items listed HERE, share a photo on Facebook, Instagram and/or TicTok while tagging #LVO2024. Then, once you have completed at least 7 of the 10 photos, come up to registration any day after 10AM and before 6PM to show a staff member your posts. You will then received the #LVO2024 Scavenger Hunt Prize and eternal glory…and help share some of the fun of the LVO for those who were unable to attend this year.

International Attendees:

At FLG events we are extremely grateful for every player that comes to roll dice with us, but at the LVO we want to take the opportunity to really thank the people traveling from abroad. Flying in from overseas to the USA to come play at the Frontline Gaming Las Vegas Open is a big deal! It is a massive time and financial commitment for our international players to make this trip and so everyone at Frontline Gaming wants to show their appreciation by offering to help you however we can throughout the weekend: Need a bottle of water? Just tell us. Looking for some dinner recommendations? The team is comprised of a lot of locals and is happy to help. Want advice on how to best navigate the Vegas airport on the return flight home? We got your back. Additionally, please come up to the registration desk so we can give you a small gift as a token of our appreciation.

Hobby Showcase:

During the weekend there will be several hobby showcases each showing the top cut of the best painted armies for their respective tournament. This is the time when the armies will be fully on display and when the judges will be making their final review. It also happens to be a wonderful photo opportunity for any LVO attendees that want to check them out and snap photos to share with friends back home. LVO’s celebrity paint judge, Duncan Rhodes, will be making the rounds during each showcase and assisting to make the final call. For a list of the showcases and their times, see the main schedule and look for the purple highlighted items.

After Hours:

On Friday night, several tournaments take place. Many are designed to be purely fun and casual in nature and will run late into the night. These are all ticketed events but the tickets are designed to be very affordable and really are just a means of regulating the number of players. Most of these events will take place in the Amazon Hall (same room as AoS Champs and MCP) and will use the AoS Champs table when the last round of AoS concludes for the day. Please be respectful of the AoS terrain and clean up after your After Hours event have concluded. There will be a bar located in Amazon that will stay open late just for the After Hours events on Friday. Spectators to the After Hours events are aways welcome and tournaments like the 40K Knight Joust are very much an entertaining to watch! The After Hours events are highlighted in light blue on the main schedule.

FLG Challenge Coin:

If you are in an event that earns a Front Line Gaming Challenge Coin, the LVO coin will be provided to you by the event’s judges. Do not come to the front desk for your Challenge Coin like is normally done at our other FLG events. Only tournaments that are part of the full Frontline Gaming circuit of events earn Frontline Gaming Challenge Coins.

LVO FLG Challenge Coin Perk:

If you have Frontline Gaming Challenge Coins from previous Frontline Gaming events, please present them to the Registration Desk between 10AM -8PM Friday, 10AM -8PM Saturday, or 8AM-10AM Sunday. You will receive the FLG Challenge Coin Tour of Duty gift if this is your first time attending the LVO with a Challenge Coin. We will also have some swag for those FLG event veterans with a coin. If you have 3 or more Challenge Coins from the 2022-2023 season, we have something special for you: access to the Challenge Coin Raffle! Each Challenge Coin you show will get you entry into the amazing FLG Challenge Coin Raffle for EACH of the Challenge Coins you present. The FLG Challenge Coin Raffle has the following prizes you can win:

  • The Army Painter Speedpaint Complete Set. Includes all 23 original colours, 44 newly developed colours, 10 Speedpaint Metallics – AND – 12 colours designed by Dana Howl, Watch It Paint It, and Goobertown Hobbies of our Paint Development Team!
  • A spot in the next Vanguard Tactics Academy session. The is a space on the next Academy intake worth $400! Skip the waitlist and get join the Academy for free.
  • A Monument Hobbies GoBag Evo! The GoBag EVO is more than just a case for paints, it’s an entire hobby workstation! The hard, molded front opens up to provide a large work surface with multiple inlaid trays for holding hobby supplies and models as well as our HBY NRD cutting mat, paint cups, paints, and brushes. (Note: this bag does not come with paints or hobby supplies)


Following the last round on Sunday will be the main LVO awards ceremony. Most tournaments will have their own individual awards ceremonies but the LVO concludes with its own main ceremony on the main stage to celebrate the season’s winners for many of the Warhammer produced game systems as well as a few awards given to outstanding members of the community.

We are especially excited to reveal the epic trophies for the 40K Champs winner and the AoS Champs winner lovingly painted by The Hobby Goblins, and printed by Big Bear 3-D. These truly magnificent awards are one of a kind!


If you have items that came with your ticket or was pre-ordered LVO merch, these items will need to be picked up at the front Registration Desk by 11AM on Sunday. Any items unclaimed by then will be forfeited without refund/replacement and may be sold to another person.

Thursday Night Pre Game Party and Early Registration :

Thursday night is epic and you do not want to miss out. Early Registration is open from 4PM-8PM so you can get your con badge for the weekend as well as all items included with packages and preordered. By going to early registration, you make Friday way easier as you can easily enter the hall and go straight to the breakfast line or find your table. Anyone who has purchased a HIGH ROLLER Package or is attending the Vanguard Tactics LVO Workshop, or is has a Club Pass may go straight to the dedicated VIP Registration line.

The LVO Pre Game Party will take place during early registration. A cash bar will be open till 8PM. The Full Exhibitor Hall will be open for special sales and early shopping so you can pick up things before they sell out! You can see the list of exhibitors and their location HERE. There are also painting demos by Duncan Rhodes , The Army Painter, Artis Opus and more. The Vanguard Tactics LVO Workshop (a ticketed event) is also taking place.

The Games Workshop Preview and open ceremony is promptly starting at 8:00pm on Thursday in the 40K Champ Hall adjacent to the main entrance. People will not be allowed to enter once the preview has begun. No cameras or cell phones may be out during the preview. The hall will be monitored by both FLG and GW staff as well as RIO security. New for 2024, attendees of the Preview will have their fate read by the Emperor’s Tarot as they enter the hall!(on a first come, first serve basis while available).


The Exhibitor Hall is located in the Miranda Ballroom just off of the main reception. There is also the LVO Marketplace located along the corridor between the Pavilion and Brasilia. Many of the vendors have demos and they are excited to let you get test out their products! Several vendors will be showing off brand new items such at The Army Painter with their new Fanatic line which you can see in action used by Sam Lenz, Adam Loper, Caleb Wissenback! This will also be one of the first places you can preorder this new range of paint! Misty Mountain Games, Monument Hobbies, Artis Opus, Game Workshop and many more of your favorite brands will be there will a full range of products. A full list of vendors as well as a map can be found HERE.



  • The LVO will open for early registration at 4PM. Nobody is allowed in before then.
  • The exhibitor hall and bar will also open for early shopping at 4PM.
  • The Vanguard Tactics LVO Workshop is taking place at 4PM – this is a ticketed event.
  • At 8:00PM the Game Workshop Preview will take place. Yes, you may bring drinks from the bar to the Preview.

The times and locations of each event at the LVO can be found HERE***

Please make sure to check your player pack for exact start times of the rounds. The schedule is just a guideline while the player packets have the specific.

***Note direct links to EACH player packet are on the schedule above

List of Halls and Events

A super useful high res map of the LVO 2023 can be found HERE.

On the schedules above you can see where an event is taking place as well as have a link to each tournament’s Player Pack, however below is the full list along with the primary Hall Bosses noted.

Rio Pavilion

Hall Boss: Adam Solis (40K Champs TO)

40K Champs

40K Narrative

40K Friendly

Long War Doubles

40K Friday RTT

40K Sunday RTT


Hall Boss: Scott Reed (AoS Champs TO)
AoS Champs

AoS Doubles


40K Knight Joust


Adeptus Titanitcus

Aeronautica Imperialis

BattleTech Classic

BattleTech Alpha Strike




Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game

A Song of Ice and Fire

Star Wars Shatterpoint


Zone Mortialis


Hall Boss: Jordan Smith (SW Legion TO)

SW Legion

SW X Wing

SW Armada

Kill Team


Hall Boss: Jake Jacoboson (FLG Staff)



Palma, Coco, Jaguar

Hall Boss: Seth A (Paint Class Coordinator)

Painting Classes


Hall Boss: Mark Peere (Blood Bowl TO)

Blood Bowl

AoS Narrative


Lambamba, Tango, Conga

Hall Boss: Chris R (Underwolrds Champs TO)

Lambamba- Underworlds, Judgement, Killwager

Conga- Bolt Action

Tango- flex space

RIO Resort Info

The RIO is a large resort, but as the LVO is a massive event with thousands of attendees, the resort will be very busy between servicing LVO attendees as well as other guests. We have been told the Resort is almost all sold out and expecting quite a crowd during the weekend of the LVO. To help you plan your weekend, HERE is a list of on-site restaurants along with their hours of operation of each day (the hours are the same for our week as are listed on this PDF from the RIO). Reservations are recommended. There are also many shows at the RIO including the famous Penn & Teller. HERE are the shows just at the RIO – make sure to get your tickets in advance for these shows.

Assistance during the event:

Every event has their designated TOs and Judges, many of whom will be wearing yellow FLG tees. They are knowledgeable and ready to help however they can, but they all know how to reach FLG admin if necessary.

Anyone in a black FLG Staff Tee, works directly for FLG and can assist you as well.

When in doubt, please head to the front registration desk.

Myself, the entire crew of Frontline Gaming Staff, volunteers, media streamers and judges can’t wait to see you all soon!

– Kicker Kalozdi, Frontline Gaming Events Manager

Side note:

If you are already planning your next FLG event, be sure to check out the full calendar of 2024 FLG events! The Cherokee Open is NEXT MONTH quickly followed by, The Rocky Mountain Open in March. Tickets are already on sale for our newest event, the largest 8 person team tournament to take place, the Champions Cup in September.

LVO 2024 – All The Info You Need To Know - (2024)
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