The Las Vegas Open 2023 Warhammer 40k Champs! - (2024)

Warhammer 40k competitive players! I’m John Weyermuller, SaltyJohn from TFG Radio, head judge for the Las Vegas Open 40k Championship, and I am bringing you some important info today!

Normally I would have spent the last year writing weekly articles for Frontline Gaming about the ITC Rankings, unfortunately, my work and life schedule required me to take a step back from that and it also meant I couldn’t help judge any of the Games Workshop US Opens this year, much to Zach Rochner’s disappointment I have heard. I am still head judge for the Las Vegas Open, however, and I have been hard at work with Kicker and the rest of our crew making sure we are ready for you to come to participate in the largest Warhammer tournament in the world in January! To that end, I have some important announcements.

This year we have two separate Forms for rules inquiries and conversion approvals. Use the LVO/FLG Event Rules Inquiries Form if you have a rules inquiry, send it through that form, but please consult this sheet first to make sure we have not already answered it. If you ask a question that is already answered we will not respond to it again, we get over 300 inquiries and conversion approval requests. If you have a conversion you need to be approved prior to LVO please fill out this Conversion Approval Form and upload the photos using the Form. Although my email, and other judges’ emails, can be found in the LVO Player Packet we will not answer rules or conversion inquiries sent to our emails. The rules inquiries and conversion approvals are a team effort, they are not the responsibility of any single judge.

The Las Vegas Open 2023 will be using the Nephilim GT Packet and all materials that are legal per GW as long as it is released by January 15th. FAQ/Errata from Games Workshop released between January 15th and January 27th will be considered on a case-by-case basis, but are not automatically used at the LVO 2023. Per these criteria, all of the Supplements and rules Games Workshop set a sunset date of January 2023 for will not be in use at LVO 2023 as those rules will no longer be allowed per Games Workshop’s previous announcements.

To Clarify:

  • None of the sources in the pictures above *that expired on or before January 2023* are valid for LVO 2023 per Games Workshop.
    • “Valid until January 2023” means they are valid until December 31st, 2022, and invalid starting January 1st, 2023.
  • No new rules/FAQ/Errata after January 15th
    • FAQ/Errata from Games Workshop released between January 15th and January 27th will be considered on a case-by-case basis
  • Cut off for Conversion Approval and rules inquiries is January 13th
  • Lists are due January 16th
  • If the new GW GT Missions 2023 come out before LVO 2023 we will NOT be using them. We will finish the season with the Missions from the latest 2022 Book.
    • FOR SUPER EXTRA CLARITY. If GW releases the new GT Packet, it WILL NOT be used at LVO 2023.

Please be sure to review the information in the LVO 2023 Player Packet. The LVO 2023 will be using the FLG event Player Placed or Optimized, Terrain rules. The rules for this can be found in previous FLG Event packets, and the LVO Packet will have those rules and guidelines fully updated soon. FLG is working on making sure exactly how much, and what kind, of terrain will be used at LVO so they can give you the best approximation of the table layouts as possible.

If you need a refresher on the ITC Player Placed Terrain rules or how to play with those rules here is a nifty YouTube video explaining it!

The last announcement I have for you today is in regard to Paint Judging and the Renaissance Man awards. This year we will have a new paint rubric for the Las Vegas Open that will be publicly posted and all scores will be publicly available once judging is finished. The Renman award is being rebranded for LVO to the Paragon award, it will be given to the person with the highest combined paint and competitive score. However, to be a Paragon of the hobby you must also be a great opponent, no one who receives a Yellow Card, Red Card, or game DQ penalty, will be awarded the Paragon award. The rubric for paint scoring will be made public soon, we are working out the final details.

We look forward to seeing you at the Las Vegas Open 2023 and stay tuned for more information!

The Las Vegas Open 2023 Warhammer 40k Champs! - (2024)


Who won the LVO 2023 40k tournament? ›

Space Marines

Blood Angels piloted by Art of War's Jack Harpster would go on to win the event.

Who won the LVO in Warhammer 40k? ›

Big congrats to the Winner – Matt Lorah, running Necrons. They survived all the way to the end after a grueling six games and some shadow-round games to get to the top.

How long is a 40k tournament game? ›

All players are expected to finish their games, and to attend with an army list they feel comfortable playing a complete game within 2 hours and 45 minutes. You must not intentionally leverage the clock to disadvantage your opponent.

Who won the LVO in 2024? ›

40K Champs
Best GeneralParagon of the HobbyBest Painted
1. Matt Lorah1. Sean Nayden1. Steven Lind
2. Folger Pyles2. Sweet Lew2. Matt Aaron
3. Samuel Pope3. Marshal Peterson3. Kevin Grubb
1 more row
Jan 28, 2024

What army won LVO? ›

The Las Vegas Open 2024 is over, and with it, there was a great finals game of Index Dominator vs. new Codex hotness. The new boys of Necrons came out on top, thanks to a Deep Striking Monolith of all things; the Old Ones would not be happy.

Who is the strongest in wh40k? ›

Who is the most powerful character in the Warhammer 40k universe? Necron Phaeron of the Oruscar dynasty. The Oruscar dynasty based on Thanatos are known for developing the Celestial Orrery, a giant holographic map of the galaxy.

Who is the strongest Primarch 40k? ›

Purely in physical strength the books suggest it was Vulkan - though he reserved that strength more than the others. Apart from Magnus the amazing changing Primarch, Vulkan was physically bigger and more imposing than his brothers - the books suggesting he towered over Guilliman, Sanguinius and the Lion.

Who is the largest Astartes in Warhammer 40K? ›

Tyberos, the Red Wake, Master of the Carcharodon Astra was described in several sources as the largest Astartes who ever lived and currently still exists. His suit of custom terminator place is heavily customized.

What is the longest war in 40K? ›

The Long War, also known as the Eternal War, is a term used by the Chaos Space Marines of the Traitor Legions and Renegade warbands that refers to their fight to overthrow the Emperor of Mankind and seize control of the Imperium of Man for themselves and for Chaos.

How long does a 500 point Warhammer game last? ›

First 500 – 750 pts games can take even 3 hours, while an experienced player can use this time to play 2000 – 2500 pts game. When you and your opponent remember all the rules by heart, and you don't prolong the game everything gets much easier.

What is a GT in 40k? ›

The Warhammer 40,000 Grand Tournament ranks players overall by a Grand Tournament score, or GT score for short. This is a combination of gaming, sportsmanship and army presentation scores.

How long does a 1000 point Warhammer 40k game take? ›

These games are ideal for beginners and casual players. Medium Battles (2-3 Hours): Medium-sized battles with armies ranging from 1000 to 1500 points usually take around 2 to 3 hours to complete. They strike a balance between tactical depth and manageable playtime.

Who won YCS Vegas 2023? ›

Events. The main event was won by Back For Seconds (Stephen Silverman, Dominic Couch and Alexander Cancell), who all played "Kashtira" decks. In the finals, they defeated 2 World Champs and John (Ryan Yu, John Wilkin and Charley Futch), who played a "Labrynth" and two "Dragoon Branded Despia" decks.

Who won the war in heaven 40k? ›

The war was fought over sixty million Terran years before the 41st Millennium. With the power granted by the C'tan, the Necrons ultimately proved victorious over their hated Old One adversaries, relegating that ancient species to extinction or to flight from the Milky Way Galaxy.

Who is the champion of the Blood Angels Warhammer 40k? ›

Amadael was the Champion of the Blood Angels 2nd Company under Captain Donatos Aphael, who took part in the Diamor Campaign.

Who won in Warhammer 40k? ›

In Warhammer 40,000, the World Champion is England's Mani Cheema after a thrilling campaign with his Chaos Space Marines. The USA's John Lennon took the silver medal with Ultramarines.

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